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still a bit fixared on 6s4.5a batteries, which are like 97whr batteries, technically airline safe, not that i would tbough; i have good smaller usb-c packs with almost that that help me more.

i do have lithoum titanate pack out of, who, crap, i dont remember. it's like 30lbs+ and more than 2kwhr. finding a inveerter relies some faith cause they're kind of weird voltage; i think their center voltage is like 32v. no ome does that. but some 36v and some 24v would be, whatever, we're good, especially if we overrate them (1000w inverter, 310w load).

still dont k ow how i'd get the bloody battery to the park though! i think of getting a 2 wheel flow cart.

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one of the quests was to run my canon sx80 mark 2 projector for movie nights off batteries. i've seen some fools in the park run some shitty ass whatever movies off crap little projectors. i really want to roll up & do something good.

amazing how close & how bad it went. i have a killawatt meter, & yeah, my projector in cool & quiet mode turns on at like 275 watts. and climbs, like 4 watts a minute up as it warms hp, to 302, at which point the 300w ryobin gives up & cuts out. i think it tops out at like 308 but the ryobi inverter just wont. spec and not a pinch more.

it's not even like i'd gotten that far down the path. i even bought a decent 24v 600w inverter. my old 24v packs had been beat to shit, but i have two new ones; i just need 4 more, like $45 a pack, and i'll have juice to run everything short of blade runner 2048 (with a like 3 hour runtime).

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the original quest was for a bike system, but generally i just want a badass battery powered everything.

im just on the roof. i could buy another newer better amp (3e audio chipamps rock). i could run am extension cable out here.

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current quest: Project Pitchfork's Daimonion.

i think maybe this chipamp does bridged mode? i should find out. putting a big bar of wire between two terminals never feels right. but some times: that's the idea.

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once again respecting/appreciating that old me's sensibilities in building a kickass battery powered bike soundsystem was finding a grotesquely overpowered amp that ran off + and - 48v, basically 100v center tapped. absurdly fucking wildly high voltage is a very very reliable thing.

the speaker here is failing a bit, but the 24v chip amp im trying to blast industrial out of is dying, is clipping like crazy. it cant do this. this isnt even that bad.

inside i have a similar but different, newer chipamp. it's not entirely the voltage per se; that's 24v too. But much higher power. Still, the like absurd shitfest 500w rms tiny little chipamp amp i had, a 4x4" board with with one big 4"x2.5" heatsink for the 4 mosfets- that shit knew how to throw down. because it had all the voltage potential it could ever ever desire. both are amplifiers but one had potential beyond reason to amplify with.

i do think the money supply is the fuck out of control & it's insane.

but the constitutional convention america needs is unwinding the senate as an anti-populous hellhole.

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the (losing whining anti-union miserable) republican party has started demanding a new constitutional convention. they want to place new federal restraints om spending, i think?

first, hello: your party has done far worse. endless tax cuts, giving the wealthy back access without any compensatory systems. you dirty hypocrit tarts.

but what a menace. hypothetically the idea of a constitutional convention would be per state votes. honestly the constitutional convention america desperately needs is for the no-one-lives-here-and-its-not-good-there places to stop having on average 5x more voting power at a federal level than the does-ok & is economically healthy america. yes your places is falling apart. im sorry we're too big & your places are nice but the world just doesnt work like that anymore anywhere, america or other, and there's no sense being aggrevied to such a degree you'll just turn the union into a forced suicide pact over your despair.

for a long long time i was totally outraged the fed had stopped tracking the m2 money supply. how could we make economic policy without tracking the maeket valuation?

over time i decided ok, yeah, perhaps we didnt really need it; i let myself be convinced.

but wow. seeing it flatten off? seeing stock market correction of this vast magnitude... wheeewww. it's still.almost nothing. the m2 is still absurdly high up. in spite.of this huge drop. oh and thanks st luois fed for tracking it.

i really wish clothes had SKUs or models on them. it sucks how fashion constantly changes. there's so many things i'd love to be able to get again.

i can't even find the color. there's a lot of close calls. there's some "turqoise" that seems close maybe, in some cases. but i still feel like there's just a drop of green to this one.

i also haven't seen any shirts that have the same embossed branding on the front, which would make me feel like i've found the right product. it'd be nice to be able to browse old products more easily, to at least hunt for what i had. but nope, that's not a thing on the web either. i guess i could try sheesh.

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but anyhow i found something really cool while looking around!

one of the papers talking about PAM-3 that I looked at was "Link Performance Comparison based on Insertion Loss: NRZ, PAM3, PAM4, and ENRZ". I went in looking for PAM3 info, but the paper introduced me to the authors/Kandou's Ensemble NRZ/ENRZ. Which encodes onto 4 pairs of wires at once, & makes use of some of the relation of the different wires of each other capability to encode data.

as well as getting some free bits out of nothing, it has some other kick ass properties. there's much cleaner signalling happening, and significant power gains. it also has less linearity concerns unlike PAM-4, meaning if you do want to stuff lots of power on the line to go fast, it won't start glitching out.

and you can keep scaling up. you can keep adding more pairs & getting extra free bits, versus independent transciever channels. C-NRZ6 is a 6 wire variant, but it should be able to keep going.

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dear white house,

sorry for puking on your lawn last night. i spent like 10 minutes trying to swallow, dysphagia was not going away.

if it's any consolidation, i also wrecked one of my favorite shirts last night, a kick ass Calvin Klein thing that was this awesome light cyan neon color & just so comfy. i missed like one bite of chicken & it rolled down my shirt & now it's dead. got home & immediately stain treated it, but nope, dead. frag.

ran into PAM-3 (ternary logic, high/0/low), seemingly a proposed idea for USB4 to get it from 80->120Gbps. sending 1.5 bits per tick.

it got me pretty curious. most of the industry seems to have all gone from NRZ (1 bit per tick) to PAM-4 (4 possible voltages, 1/0.333/-0.333/-1): gddr6x, pcie 6.0, IEEE Std 802.3bs-2017 50Gbps/pair and most copper ethernet since.

so I ended up searching for papers on PAM-3. the papers i found gave nothing more than the obvious conclusion- yes, it's somewhere between NRZ and PAM-4 in terms of signal clarity. ok duh.

worst terminology but best example, pc master race. the loser shithole john deere fuckwits of consumerism seem increasingly like deadwright. liberal values are dominating; ehat we can/could do is great.

project eddystone/lighthouse was the most soverign self-declared systems ever to have been. that it was baked into android chrome should make us fall over & bow. we had intimate inter-wgoever connectivity right there in the os. we could have networked ourselves, made ourselves visibly online. we werent ready yet.

just brought my local bar fancy cake from the local cake shop for their 9th birthday.

oops i was a week early though!

i cannot wait to see phones with usb4.

i'd love love love a phone with dual usb4 ports.

wandering very off topic here, but, it keeps seeming like little flashes in the pan that burn out, but wow, the idea of phone as a portal workstation is still so appealing to me, is still the cyberpunk pocket-size "cell" or "deck" i want to see. wherever you go, there are screens. there's just a last mile connectivity question. oh and you need a keyboard too, probably.

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low on patience for usb-c haters, who come out in force anytime there is usb news.

endless griping that they bought usb docks & they didn't work. please provide some details? what didn't work? anything at all? i highly doubt it. complaining that cables didn't work & they shouldn't have to be an engineer to plug something in; yo, buy usb-if certified cables if you're having a problem (which i haven't).

there is so much internal complexity and costs are higher than is good, but i really love the usb-c life. it's so excellent that i can have one kinda expensive cable i carry around, and a handful of pigtail adapters that convert it whatever the situation calls for (and then a general usb lighter cheaper cable for everyday use). having power delivery is amazing & has added so much freedom to my on-the-go computing & recharging. plugging a mobile laptop in to a complex powerful hub & getting so much is epic.

Resharing one of the most useful blog posts I've ever read, Yeggie's Notes From the Mystery Machine Bus (2012), which is really a treatise on your disposition & action-tendency (or not),

> Software engineering [ed: any everything else] has its own political axis, ranging from conservative to liberal.

This dimension of personality has been one of the most enduring & helpful framings I've been able to apply whenever considering or assessing something or someone. Recognizing when we are using fear management versus basically all alternatives has been a capital revelation.

Keep yourself operating in a pro-belief mode. Stay jaunty. :)

i haven't been writing down enough of the deep thought books i've seen named.

somewhere in the last couple months Lyotard cropped up, along with a slew of other great mentions in something or other, but i don't think i'm going to re-find out where that was.

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