in posix, a process takes in env vars, stdin, and produces stdout and a return code.

one thing i'd be interested to see is programs that do more writing of their env vars. i think there's an interesting way to self describe your running environment here. not just using it to launch, to take params, but for a process to ongoingly describe the world in which it runs.

To be excited about welcoming Windows refugees to FOSS, I'd feel better if they dropped their expectations and preconceptions, and appreciated that they're the tourists here, and they should be open to experiencing a different way of doing things that is, in oh-so-many ways, undeniably better than what they're used to.

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clothes: yay, we're dry
drier: hold on boys just another 62 minutes estimate on this job

@alcinnz to be fair marvel had very low hope of doing any solid with their franchise.

“There was a time, in the 1970s and 1980s, when malleability was a goal for influential systems designers. It was most prominently advertised by the Smalltalk design team, but it was strong as well in the Lisp community. Lisp machines, for example, were malleable systems. But Lisp machines are gone, and Smalltalk has remained a niche product to this day. Only one malleable system of the 1970s is still in wide use: Emacs.”

uspol, nazis 

donald trump's new book like he's giving a somewhat weak seig heil from from the steps of airforce 1.

via the Kyla Scanlon feed. this is probably not as novel as it feels to me right now, but this is quite the feed. making current affairs & the economics hip, stylish.

over-the-top-sh take but also for real, this is 100% how cultures are made. this is society being created. this is an on-ramp to understanding, a way to bring people in to society, to thinking of the world. this kind of accessible, smart information is one of things society really needs, is how it self-propogates. we could use this for a lot of different topics & aspects of society: wonks, in style, on display.

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hitting hard but part of me does for sure love this, loves the phrasing. the second sentence in particular.
"periodic reminder that if Steve Jobs pursued a miserably narrow model of utilitarianism, he would never have founded Apple. The spirit of fuckery, the Promethean fire in the eyes of a person who has come alive, a high voltage spirit, is the most valuable commodity on the planet"

way worse things about, but pretty weird spec thing, webpackage spec switched from <link>'s to web bundles to <script>'s that embed some json that describes the webbundle. kinda weird.

feels like a nested virtualization thing. ideally there'd just, you know, be more xml-ish inside the element, not a totally different type of data structure.

one of the strongest weirdest "json is winning/won" indicators i can point to. just so weird to me. i don't really have an opinion yet, just unusual.

once again a bunch of super not cold air shooting up to the arctic, the polar cold zones being displaced down & out. welp. hudson bay (canada's) getting the coldest weather in the hemisphere right now.

i wish i'd paid more attention to arctic weather in the other decades of my life. i really wish i could rewind & watch other years.

a perfect recap of where we are. just perfect.

"Writing all this down, you know what? I'm kind of mad about it too. Not so mad that I'll go chasing obviously-ill-fated scurrilous rainbow financial instruments. But there's something here that needs solving. If I'm not solving it, or part of it, or at least trying, then I'm... wasting my time. Who cares about money? This is a systemic train wreck, well underway.

We have, in Western society, managed to simultaneously botch the dreams of democracy, capitalism, social coherence, and techno-utopianism, all at once. It's embarrassing actually. I am embarrassed. You should be embarrassed."

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@raboof my understanding is that they're removing eval and Function entirely. they're forbidding any kind of data-driven executor, so we can't, like, write a YAML file with instructions & run that. it seems 100% draconian.

i really don't feel like i have support or peers at work. :( and my suspicion that i'm maybe not trusted seems recently confirmed.

i'm also so happy to be working on something a little bit technically interesting & complicated, & not just cranking on our everyday application, like everyone else is. but such drift & distance, i'm so out here. that's what i mean by saying i have no peers.

also there's just few other genuinely senior engineers left about over here. & the management was techie but not for many years now.

oh and meanwhile in sandbox is the only place i have to test this code, this integration. i've just got to keep shipping shit, begging for code-reviews, for stuff that's all just good college tries. i actually got 1 comment for the first time in months, which was surprising. good point i almost changed it but no, it was that way for a good reason.

this remote thing has been so nice, but it's really making this ultra-small/shrunk acquisition that's a part of a medium-sized company rough.

"100 years of whatever this will be" starts with a great great "state of the world" post. capturing the real, capturing the moment excellently. looking forward to hearing where Avery goes from here.

i keep thinking- be the change. love computers, embrace them, make them do for us. lead the charge in running them. they are generally pretty affordable/purcahseable, for now, gpu's alas aside (even if rack space isn't so much and thank you company's like Joe's Datacenter for still hosting some cheap mid tower colo boxes, fractional racks). we're starting to emerge some good ways of running software, systems that work. cloud native, at home.

more generally i just want to empower each other. have space for alternatives, keep options about. we don't need to compete, we just need to survive, do ok, flourish quietly on our own.

i built the OpenScreenProtocol demo, but damn it, i have yet to try & use it.

i really really want this to be the upnp/dlna & casting replacement solution. i really want a multi-screen web.

after finding myself enjoying Gargoyles (1994-1996) i checked out Exosquad (1993-1994) & am only a couple episodes in.

but ahhh shit. the warmonger neosapien's name is Phaeton. i don't think i recalled that, when i read, at an impressionable age, a once favorite Golden Oecumene trilogy. whose lead character's name is Phaeton.

i also have a high interest in re-reading or listening to Golden Oecumene again. cause i suspect it's no where near as good. i think there's indeed some good hooks, some interesting set ups. but probably just not that great all in all.

> i'm no good at this but i opened an issue

absolutely hate my posting. i cannot stand being so right but so unable to write, so unable to shame & condemn my enemies with the absolute & certain moral clarity that we all should so clearly see. my posts suck. they're fucking awful.

but i just had not seen this issue raised. amid a fistful of other horseshit vile punking-of-the-webs, they were going to get away with de-dynamic-izing the extension, making it utterly impotent & incapable? what the everloving fuck? completely fucking absurd.

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the web extension manifest-3 (mv3) topic is by far the worst saddest fucking bullshit i've fucking heard for the web.

there's so much shit here, mountains upon mountains of shit, and not a single god damned thing sounds good. all of it sounds bad.
* declarative request api sounds like it sucks & is way worse
* extensions used to have web platform capabilities somewhat on parallel with the page, now have 1/10th that & have to exist as service workers? what the fuck?!
* no dynamic code execution. all code has to be static? no userscript extensions? no user-programmable extensions? this makes extensions impotent. useless.

issue 1 is well fought & super visible. issue 2 has some good fights going on. Limited Event Pages ( at least shows what a fucking stupid fucking idea service-worker extensions are.

but so far i'd heard nearly zero outcry on point 3, which feels like the worst to me, the sickest twist of the knife. i'm no good at this but i opened an issue:

i spent a huge part of my G+ time tracking which semiconductor companies were gobbling which other semiconductor companies, and i gotta, say, this chip shortage feels way less like "oh no there aren't enough chips" and way more like, "fuck ya'll pay us".

not at all universally true. a bunch of these chipmakers just got hosed by people reducing orders then making even bigger orders. chipmaking is in short supply. but the market is just flat uncompetitive. there used to be way broader competition, more people making any given kind of part. it's a post-competitive market. these mega-chip-corps have the pleasure of charging what they will, it feels like, in many cases.

i've gotta use like 30 something whole bours kf vacation by the end of the year. fuck man i should do like 30 hours per month of vacation. i hate this. no one respects my effort. this place bleeds talent, grinds the padwans, wants that tk be the only recognized mode. didnt we graduate past this amateur shit when the founder mercifully left?

im not as good as i make myself out to be right now. but im not nearly as bad as some recently claim. as usual, at ends with everyone else, just feeling like they're not fit to judge. they did nothing to make us aware of situations, problems, & now they want to be feisty? get right out.

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