@vbatts @ian i semi-sort of regret getting rid of mine too.

still gave an old/classic car & been quite reliable but damn what a car. stick shift wagon. sea-shell drapes & sea-shell christmas lights in the back. that car was so good.


ffs. monsters.

ukraine's power grid being bombed.

turkey launching massive vicious attacks against the kurds.

these vicious asshats deserve swift & strong response from the world.

gee it sure looks like we are trying to break our rail workers utterly. wild wild shit, utterly unfathomable to me. no idea wtf the government is doing. congress acting like bullies to keep things going for a bit, but utterly irreconcileably wreck the system medium/long term, drive everyone out with cruelty.

redux docs have some decent-ish coverage of the problem statement,

reselect, the premier selector library, has pretty shit docs. there's a specific story being told, but i found this article was useful for just helping me understand reselect + arguments.

but it ignored the top problem: i kept being unsure whether i could ask for multiple pieces of data. the unique selector instance problem, it turns out, definitely exists. that's what tools like re-reselect are supposed to help with.

but i think we did a much better job, with much finer granularity. very nice stuff.

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i've been pretty hot for reactive data systems for a long time.

today really added a deeper appreciation for what comes down to essentially table-based versus row-based reactivity.

i wrote a number of new projections/views, but kept being aware that a single row changing would re-render the entire table. gross to the max. the partial/on-demand views code we had felt like a terrible beast at first, but without even spending that much time profiling, i started- quickly- to understand the alure. it's ergonomics is kind of rough, needs better usage patterns, but we're doing some pretty sensible-ish WeakMap() caching per-row that makes sense, that let's us do on-demand views of our immutable.js data, & still be pretty fast when a little bit of the data changes.

good use of WeakMap! the immutable collection can change, but the rows are mostly stable entities. dead rows/immutable entities fall off & die & WeakMap then automatically (eventually) drops the projected value. tight.

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@spacegeck i'm not sure how to better ask this. mega-apologies: why do the photos look blurry?

i get that this is stupid far away.

the first photo feels like, ok, maybe there's just not that many pixels resolving Titan; it's too far away. but the second photo makes me feel like- there are mounds and mounds of pixels, gobs of pixels. but the image being captured is fuzzy for other reasons.

ah ok. so, a little more data: left is JWST. right is Keck with adaptive optics. damn, those some fine adaptive optics, filtering through a lot of atmosphere!! wow. very sharp imaging !

spent the day wading into our old Redux code & our selectors. a lot of immutable.js here.

i gotta say. we have been pushing hard for an Apollo GraphQL migration. but this is the first time i've really been like- wow, fuck, we might be going the wrong direction.

the old code has so much rogue wild shit that's not well documented & looks weird. but it does a hella good job of letting us make a bazillion data-queries & only regenerate projections/views of the data when we need to.

we've been moving more and more computation into components, and hooks give us good tools to optimize, but there's a vast chasm of missing options, where Redux+Immutable would let us globally compute painful views of our data & reuse them copiously.

we also have some crazy badass tools for helping us build partial/on-demand views, which- honestly- put re-select & the rest of the redux world to shame. our ancients made crazy shit, but they did a lot of weird good too.

anyone else played some Warhammer 40k: Darktide?

i dabbled over the years in Warhammer: Vermintide 1 & 2, mostly 2. never very good, but it's been a fun 4-player brawler, your crew versus huge hordes of monstrosities. the dark-gritty future is a fun alternative.

i thought a lot of the screenshots & streams looked pretty dull & boring & drab & washed out, but the levels are decently stylish from what i've found. i'm excited that they're adding new missions within the existing levels- these assets have a lot of reusability/flexibility, and i'm glad to see that happening already.

the thing i like most about Darktide versus Vermintide is how much easier dodging is. maybe i just needed reconfiguration, but i can just use the space bar in Darktide, & it vastly helps my survivability. the team is already looking at constraining dodge/block a bit but really enjoy feeling like i have a lot more survivability from this.

@bat indeed looks like a first interesting-competitive offering. expecting at the stock 1.5GHz performance is so so, but it's awesome to see a board that otherwise looks so fine. healthy cache sizes, decent-enough memory speed, reasonably-modern gpu with a solid fraction of a tflop (1/8 tflop), h265/hevc, wifi5/bt5.2, camera/isp gear.

somewhat dodgy that the cpu diagram doesn't show any usb3, that usb+wifi might all be over the one shared pcie2 x2 link.

thanks a lot of the mention!

@timbray mine are mostly connected via usb hard drive docks, which require external power. i have dual drive docks, which are under $50. they come with either a single usb port or one port for each drive & generally one port should be fine, but i wanted flexibility & got dual port docks.

jwz's portable drive suggestion makes good sense if your capacity needs are less & you want to plug in easy.

@timbray i went with & would easily recommend seagate exos x18 drive. extremely high-quality high-mtbf enterprise drive with a 5-year warranty. top-of-it's class benchmarks. shockingly quiet at 30db. power consumption is quite average, 9w/5w active/idle. $300/pop. should last a very long time, so it represents a good life-time value to me.

@freakazoid @ajroach42 rtorrent also has a good number of io stalls for me, alas. i miss features like upnp nat hole punching. i used rtorrent for many years but eventually gave it up.

been using qbittorrent & it's... ok. deluge ui annoyed me (but is pluggable/headless) & seemed unperformant/had stalls.

@april "oh my shitting on the system we have is just a joke". cheap ass low cop out. throw shade to cover you shit poor cruelty. fuck off.

@april what a sad shitty loser shit attitude. fuck you, child.

@april it looks like poison not a joke. take responsibity, child.

@wingo web bundle/webpackage specs have great things to offer here. redistributable web content could be epic. alas the disbelief/reactionary sentiment is strongly strongly against this tech, seemingly with little cause. and alas the tech itself is under-supported. for example switching off the custom content signatures & using http signatures has just gone nowhere, over more than a years time.

@april this take would be more hot than shit if it had any alternate philosophy or any theory for how we might do things. the web of information seems like the honest truth & i nor you seem to have the faintest idea how to improve things. meanwhile your busy making muck. hiss boo.

i havent allocated even 6 hours in the last month to my personal cluster & feel very wtf. whatever it takes, dont suck. do some good. where am i? some fun slack needs to mate with some good slack more.

f-er around & bought some crap i'd been meaning to. adafruit cyber monday pushed me into a $350 of random e-crap purchase, of which $120 is good co2 and pm2.5 sensor. elsewhere bought some zigbee crap i'd been meaning to, after zwave has just felt slow. to try.

but there's still a $400+ mouser.com buy i havent been able to commit to. honed in for a long time on silabs bg22 kit, which was ultra confusing, but zephyr iot has the base thunderboard kit in review & nothing else at all modern and it's cheap so... easy lock. very sad distressed about dc-dc converters... buck-boost desires are high but there's mostly pricey single-channel controllers. i dunno this is hard. weird me thing. not fruitful but a baseline of power management.

@tomasino vim user here- jk are good keys. i just find moving up and down a single post to be jarring & hard to scroll by.

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