i brought out the whole speaker ensemble (5 speakers) to the balcony this weekend & found that the main speaker isn't going on. typically it runs in the room but i've left it unplugged sitting for a month for no particular reason. i need to try another amp, but pretty sure it's the amp. i'm sad about it but also served me very well for ~3 years, is cheap, and i love the dude doing these so much.

$60 + $10 tax & shipping for a new 3e-audio TPA3255 2x140W chip amp, which is just unreal fucking awesome.

i do expect these to last a lot more than 3 years, but i'm also pretty hard on my amp, moving it around a lot, running it outdoors, and perhaps most crucially, plugging & unplugging it direct to high current batteries, without the typical soft-start nicities a normal power supply would have. spark up the amp!

theme of the day, vim, apple reference, "devconf" 

theme of the day is the non-code headers/imports/comments part of

feeling the bern, uspol, senate budget committe, democratic socialism, meme 

wonderful & delightful content these past couple days, the memes have been strong.

but this one is mine, & better, this paean/send-up is the one that is totally frakking real. i could hardly be more excited.

"but literature is the record of the best thoughts. every attainment and discipline which increases a man's acquaintance with the invisible world lifts his being. everything that gives him a new perception of beauty multiplies his pure enjoyments. a river of thought is always running out of the invisible world into the minds of man. shall not they who receive the largest streams spread abroad the healing waters?"
emerson, concord public library free library opening

made a spreadsheet lol, calculating how many binary bits a hexit word of n length can fit, and what efficiency that is of the hexit's state space.

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new keyboard tray is working well.

let me just say how much i love love love s-biners. I used to tie end loops in cords & use s-biners, but I realized that with the right size s-biner I just need a stopper knot. a lot of steveadore hitches since then. the end loops are ok but sizing them to the right length is kind of a pain. i can throw hitch exactly where needed in seconds.

did this last night at 1AM haha. I was going to try to wake up early & snap out some work that's dwelt too long but didn't quite get myself out of lala land. i was also gonna go sleep on the roof in the hammock, but that didn't happen either. here i am anyways, please work, let's get through you.


i have pity but for the record, this is what happens when you "go to next unread message" (and have unread messages in multiple channels) in Slack:

it scrolls the current channel list up, such that the current channel is on the bottom of the screen. but it's hidden behind the notification you are working to make go away, the more unreads indicator.


the mastodon instance at cybre.space is retiring

see the end-of-life plan for details: https://cybre.space/~chr/cybre-space-eol