after over a decade of doing nothing at all, i'm not over-expetant or anything, but i do quite like seeing the US Government say, we will try to help free speech. here specifically for Iran, but it's a message unheard at all in a long time, and something I wish we'd kept a slow drumbeat going for.

it's an obvious & simple message providing some technical means for democracy to happen seems like a clear & simple (good-) liberate democratic values we could be espousing, saying we believe in.

i miss the old age of Internet-in-a-Box and Serval. we shouldn't just be shipping Starlink, we should be the vanguards for open-communication. and how weird, because it'd be totally outside the western social media megacorp world by nature; decentralized. if those folks don't want to play in actual democratic values, so be it, let it be written & seen so upon their souls: you do not help.

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