consider me part of the silent majority (that happens to also be conjunct internet-er) that has no idea how to express how to freak the fuck out.

my sizable downpayment for a home is in ruins. my timing is shit but wow, the stock market downturn has slaughtered my hopes pretty bad. just comparing versus peak, im near 50% where i was. that was disreality, false, but my inability to time, my just staying in tendency... it's frelling murderously bad. i've long long long felt like everything was collapsing & fake & ruin, but i seemed to have ignored my better sense & reinvested a good bit at the worst possible time, & failed to withdraw what i had simultaneously.

but me missing a lot of the upside & seeing the downside aside, what a bloody slaughter. not sure wether to give up & cut losses or not, but it's gotten worse & worse every month & keeps feeling like, how could this keep getting dumber? isnt there a bottom? but it also feels like: concensus is no, we are going to loose another 33% of the market & more.

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these rich well-trained assholes with capital all make money on volatility, whichever direction it heads. :(

@jauntywunderkind420 The stock market is just a casino which isn't very connected to the real economy. Share prices can rise while the economy underneath them is collapsing, and vice versa.

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