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picked up some Farscape rewatch after a semi-exhausting week. very slow going through an incredible episode, S02E04 "Crackers Don't Matter", where the crew is all drugged out & paranoid & at each others throats.

they've just been through a hellish season 1 cliffhanger that was tense, they're on the run with a far more competent & scary villian, and in this paranoid haze all their vulnerabilities & little petty grievances & mean perceptions of each other are fully coming to boil, are being fully shown. it's an amazing episode.


i went to search for "Crackers Don't Matter" (episode name) and AV Club right away turned up a full write up on the episode.

at the exact quote where, rewinding a bit, i had paused, & got so curious that i just had to go find some fan theories for why the shitty inferior human John, the main character, was tripping so hard the hallucinated main villain:
"Kill her. Then we'll have pizza. And margarita shooters. Go on, John, kill her. Do it, do it!” “Nobody… has margaritas with pizza!"

there-by breaking the spell. ;)

the AV club coverage is mainly about the shitty human aspect,
"In science fiction, there’s a nearly unavoidable assumption that humans are special, and, on some level, that assumption is correct." which is fun & real.

great article, really good story telling about this episode. Golden.

still, hoping for some theories on why the main character was tripping visions of the villain so much. :)

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"'Crackers Don’t Matter' shatters the characters’ collective illusions about their statuses as civilized beings. Worse, it undoes all the hard work that went into building trusting, even loving relationships. The mindfrell of this episode isn’t so much what happens to the characters, but rather what they themselves do when their impulse control is removed."

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