in the past month & a half, i cannot begin to express how bad google news & google chrome new tab links behave. i think they are all amp pages. look, i am a very bad mobile user, with a couple hundred too many tabs, but almost no other websites dont stall the whole os on me for 10s, and holy shit without fail it's when the ad video scrolls into view & holy shit the whole phone is unresponsive & locked up but that ad video plays on.

there's a >50% chance it's mo conspiracy & i'm riding this aged samsung s9 hard (true). but it's also so unfathomable how the ads are always the thing that seemingly locks this shit up. itay or may not be amp but the whole amp project feels toxic; these formerly lightweight links i used to trust are now an existential risk that might jank shit out worse than literally anything else on the web i might go to. is google amp to blame? who knows. but google's attempt to raise the bar has been subverted & is now the most feared link i touch.

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