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overharsh negative commentary of a web community 

sorry microformats but you have worse technics & too simple a notion that you're good. the community rot is strong, a naive & simpleton dogmatism. its been a weirdly popularity contest situation in your camp, a too hungry desire for validation & becoming the one. dogmatism & constantly piping in to mention your difference without a cause. but difference without cause.

some kind of warning needs to be said. this isnt it. this isnt it. i have this decade of aversion & sadness seeing "indieweb" and "microformats" do basically good things but with a kind of weird cultursl identity as "indie" and "alternative" that refuses the good & refuses community & does it themselves & acts cool about it. i have grown a resent & dislike. maybe over time i can figure out how to turn this into something better. but want the catharsis, want a start, so here's a post i wish was better & knew what really to clearly ask for.

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overharsh negative commentary of a web community 

a lot of work & alternatives get made when we decide something is too complex & go march off & insist on doing it again & that ours is better.

my baises are showing. i think there's a huge amount of more than good enough ideas that the world fails to lean in to, doesnt ever really try with. the coalition of the willing, the good giving & game, are sometimes too few.

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