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fucking around & watching Amazon's Electric Sheep tv series, based on author #1 PKD's writings. episode #2 here is "Autofac", a fairly well known short story, basically about a highly autonomous Amazon factory at the end of the world. apparently the factory runs on msgpack.

weird boast Amazon: if it was protobuf, then the dystopian industrial skynet was google, but no, it's msgpack; ok perhaps this really is an Amazon science-fiction-history biopic?


i forget who but i remember one of the techno-twitterati eventually fessing up: why yes, i have been a primary consultant for the show Silicon Valley.

this is just a minor detail in a much more varied & much further out there bizarre short-story series. but i still wonder, who picked this source code to put on screen. why?

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it was

this episode is going great. it's the most amazing anti-big anti-vast tv i've seen.

"your factory thinks everything's replaceable. it's a throwaway culture"
"maybe everything is replaceable"
"is that the company slogan?"

"it would take me years to figure out how to read this"
(yeah a lot of people reading megacorp software feel similar, msgpack protobuf or whatever else.)

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