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google will no longer let me search for things linking a thing? boo hiss. all the world's information my ass, you frelling cowards.

ex, trying to find where i'd talked about my btrfs ram-backed debian-live hackery,

now? dead ass useless. once upon a time this would show me the discussion points. what a major downgrade. let me search, please, let me find myself please. i've tried a couple permutations; no dice, but maybe perhaps some operator error, but i think not.

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went searching about.

off topic, but holy shit.

here i am pre- "The New Kingmakers; How Developers Conquered the World" (2013) on the authors own site, late 2011, crudely explaining the thesis that was about to become the book.
"Three, the programmers run the show. Not only is open source just a part of making software, but there are less business managers telling programmers how to code and what tools they need to use to do it. There are a lot more libraries than there were a decade ago, and the businesses have gotten further removed from deciding how to pick."

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