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i really wish we had internet woofie points so i could throw some downvotes onto all the native app weenie crybabie bitches whining up a bloody storm in this "Why havent PWAs killed native apps yet" orange-site thread,

You get a hater mark! You get a hater mark! You all get hater marks! You all have small & short petty prejudices that you grind! You're all bad people!

There's a lot of good answers to this question. But they're mostly about specifications & organizations & the pace of progress. The web is not a fast moving thing. The web has low-level platform it very slowly churns on. It takes a long long long time for webapp makers to really dig in & enrich what they do from the low level platform.

But the gain is huge. The (web) platform defining less, having lower-level primitives, slowly built, leaves more freedom, flexibility & endurance in the long run. The web's ongoing survival & endurance is synonymous with it's (slow) flourishing.

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