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one of thr mini pc's i bough crashes after 1d20 days uptime. it's node #4 in my kube cluster, my effort.

only just got kube going on this newer cluster. had been having node connectivity issues. resolved for now. i actually forgot it's kinda hacky (using fallbacks/defaults), that i need to go retry plan a & redebug.

but ah, i also eventually need to do something about the failing node. it's almost ok, a better test, leaving cluster limping along, missing for days at a time.


im reading literally the most perfect book on kubernetes & shards, Vernor Vinge's Fire Upon the Deep.

i must anti-recommend the book becayse it's slow & filled with deliverate shorts, under guide of being bad old planets and bad spirited beings. so semi spoiler on what you find out pretty quick: the humans mostly get picked off escaping cosmic bad transcendant powers they accidentally arise while working on the ancient archive, but a few escape crash & then are overcome by the local intelligent life form, composite people,a person-pack, a consciosuness emerged from connect creatures (dog-things) sharing their thoughts together/thinking-out-loud & thereby forming a meta-person, an aggregate.

which is kind of what kubernetes is. a computer/mind provided by a distributed service plane, a set of individual minds, stitched together.

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the other clearest yes i should task on my cluster us: setting up rook/ceph finally. i've spemt a good fraction of my life intending to have some ceph brought in & under my wheelhouse of things.

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