i really really appreciate the Carmack talk.

a. vr's superpower could be, not just experiences, but screens. vr is a place where there can be a lot of screens, where we can summon up surface after surface. it ought compete with regular computing for computing experiences.

b. loved the discussion about composite rendering, part cloud part local, but he made me want us to all go in harder on it, not be afraid like he was.

so much other shit too. discussion about grade vs centralized. lots of random stuff. just such a trustable, seasoned outlook. a rare genuine human, given deep access, allowed his own voice: rare as fuck.

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John's sense that space is the thing is crucial. a lot of the other efforts seem to be about stitching space together, about meetings or games. but john really really really got that xr/vrbis ambient, is place, is expansive. wanting a real stage to wander across, a real audience, is creating a real situtaion. it's space. right on.

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