wasted 40 minutes rooting around fruitlessly to try to pick a venue, food, & drinks. i'd really like to find something semi social to hit up while having a bite to eat or a drink. actually i also want to break out the laptop too but i want to feel like im out & about. have a solid chamce of a random encounter.

the cafe today was a great decision. of course the work laptop at home had a random reset like it does sometimes & so i didnt get the work i was planning done. and then folks cancelled plans. it was shitty actually. but i kept working & got my upnp-igd crap finally over the hump. i was ok, if somewhat miserable & feeling abandoned.

now im just hungry as shit & unable to make a basic pick. there's so many good ones. i have a bike- just getting on it & pedalling around until i stop is a very legit plan. in part i fear i end up somewhere too typical for me. huge amount of choices in my repetoir but still the tiniest fractuon of whats about. and what oh what may be social?

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