I'm increasingly of the impression that the idea of "conservatism", particularly in combination with Christianity, in the US is intellectually dishonest and codename for a tribe focused on promoting an imagined history, rife with intolerance.


@lightweight yes. that's it. that's the toot. yes.

there's nearly no signs i can see of having a genuine, honest principle or belief that they'll keep to. everything is 100% politics, of an aggressive, mean-spirited, in-group versus everyone-else sort. the enemy is anything that questions them, and they will flex & bend & twist any way they need to to support one another in refusing to allow anything that might possibly give aid succor or help to anyone that doesn't look or talk exactly like them.

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@lightweight confessed-child-molesting speaker-of-the-house for 8 years Denis Hastert's Hastert Rule say that a party will not allow to come to vote any rule which the other side would be able to pass.

what's happening now feels even sicker & more disgusting. the conservatives- the party which has increased the debt multiple-trillions of dollars every term they've been in power- are refusing to allow the US to pay it's debts. because it'll blow up in America's face & they'll get to hold that against the fault-less Democrats during the election.

just endless disgusting levels of sabotage against my country: say anything do anything measures to inflict harm against all others.

@jauntywunderkind420 I revile the GOP... but I have very little time for the DEMs either. I'm quite sure the US needs to destroy the current duopoly and find a progressive government, like what Sanders would've provided, to restore any semblance of internal unity or external respect. The US conservatives (even most US 'liberals' are very conservative by non-US standards) are simply selfish and anti-intellectual... wanting to retain privilege and even respect they didn't earn.

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