An underrated feature of physical books is how through used bookstores, estate sales, etc., they flirt with being a form of temporally resilient communal resource.

I have a couple books that are in their fifth century of life. They are not expensive or rare, just sets of words that have had 400+ years of people using them, kept in good shape and passed from caretaker to caretaker ("owner" isn't the right word in this case. I am caretaking for it. We are all librarians)

On this subject, lately I've become obsessed with personal libraries and archives, both physical and digital. I don't have a grand thesis yet, but there's something to the role an individual's practice of collecting and curating can lead to a distributed system of stored knowledge, particularly in arenas traditional institutions miss, but even just as a caretaking mentality, library as practice


@mncmncmnc very much love the idea of having your information well indexed, on file.

the technical means of archival is practically a prerequisite for any form of .

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@mncmncmnc you need to have the thing to begin to exercise self-determinism, figuring out how & where you wish to integrate the information article with the rest of your articles, informations, things, & perhaps likely even your own brain.

@mncmncmnc i obsess over what feels like a core lifelong gaeas, to make the computing real. to reify processes, objects, such that each can stand alone & be talked about, is graspable as a distinct thing.

kind of cryptic, but this paean to shells, for example, is because of what graspable things processes & files are & how the shell empowers one to view edit & script the environment & it's processes.

@jauntywunderkind420 ahhhh I love this shell image. Thanks for sharing it. The way you put "crunching" "pushing" data around is both poetic and true. I want your "Paean To Shells" manifesto now

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