"We – the GenXers – think of the internet as the open web. The land of dialup telnet Unix systems, the days of table layout, the days of dot com, the days of early tech startups, the days of the internet as a connector, the days of the internet as a business opportunity, the days of the internet as a path to social justice and revolutions, the days of the internet as a light in the darkness. That’s all we have ever known..."



thin client apps 

@tchambers brilliant & necessary & core distinction, one that said so much, speaks so strongly to me. trying to keep this deep feeling, this critical part of my identity & what feels like the very integrity off the computing project alive is a challenge I reflect on grimly, for it feels less obvious, less clear, more normal to turn to the scattered proprietary out of our hands darkness of the app.

it might be good to have a re-characterization. app is a broad almost all encompassing thing, the other: there is the internet itself, and there are programs, many of which ride atop the internet, but do not participate in it. distinguishing between a classical app, a program which ribs on a computer, and the thin client app that is portal into far off controlled isolated racks, ranks that are otherwise inaccessible, would start to surface a non-apparent truth, about what the internet is, why some cherish & proclaim an open web.

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