What's your favorite thing you can do with your PinePhone that you can't do with Android or iOS? Please boost.

@be ssh to the phone sitting somewhere in the flat to do updates, file transfers including semi-automated backups, …
And having control over the whole software stack without having to compile a gigantic pile of useless code that is android is pretty neat.

@lanodan It blew my mind to find out the build requirements for Android. 400 GB storage and 16 GB memory. In other words, poor people need not apply. source.android.com/setup/build


@lanodan apologies but I disagree. it's maybe not as universally accessible as it might be but spending $0.50 to do a build on some cloud compute with sufficient memory is not a super real barrier. I suspect a laptop with a sata ssd & swap space would probably do fine too.

@jauntywunderkind420 @lanodan You realize other things don't have those obnoxious barriers?

@be not gonna be a petty little shit about some probably pretty over-exaggerated & all-in-all mild technical constraints. yeah it'd be nicer if the mega huge os could build in a somewhat smaller confines. but it's not exactly that daunting a challenge, if you evaluate what that utility of computing really costs. I think there are probably hundreds of more real places to make a stand, that deserve real respect & attention.

@jauntywunderkind420 It's emblematic of Google's attitude of "fork everything, do it our way and if you don't like it too bad".

@be I very much despise them for always going it their own way, & for having tools & environments & stacks of other Android et centera dependencies that make their Software useless. to me that's a situation into it's own & I don't see high build "requirements" as emblematical or really related to that particular & seriously frequent curse.

I'm also used to kubernetes & knative decalaring they needed 16gb, for basically no cause. not no cause, kube took some space. but that requirement was so your app had 15gb. feeling like a swap space, even hd not ssd based, probably fills in similarly here.

@jauntywunderkind420 @be @lanodan

lol. 50 cents to do the final, working build, maybe.

goodness knows how much time or money getting to that point, not just learning the build system but now also the VM constraints, because what ever works perfectly the first time?

You pay one way or another.

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