amazing quote on a thread on Bram Cohen's proof-of-storage cryptocoin Chia

Field Notes, Terran Expedition 6, Chief Archivist Blaxarll:

"Terran life took a sudden dramatic shift after the fall of Hominid dominance. The turning point appears to have occured when the sacrificial demands of Blockchain worship spiraled out of control after fuel-based offerings were supplanted by info storage based offerings. This, in and of itself, was not terribly harmful, but the model was used by the Cult of Aquaricoin. The so-called Water Miners enshrined a marketplace for non-fungible indulgences depicting popular figures. This was backed by a *Proof of Potable Water* algorithmic catechism, and swiftly resulted in total extinction for the species.

It is this researcher's opinion that we are fortunate the Terran Hominids had only just discovered space travel, for they very well could have extinguished the resources of our own homeworlds for such religious decadence."

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