decentralized lunacy 

people keep saying that maybe the next cryptocoin is going to wreck the ssd or the memory market, and i hate these people so much. decentralization getting coopted by a bunch of loons is such a tragic thing unto itself, but to have these loons also all be committed to consuming disproportionately massive amounts of computing resources is such a pathetic drag on the rest of us.

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decentralized lunacy 

damnit Bram. Bram Cohen of bittorrent fame is apparently potentially to blame for this, with his new Chia cryptocurrency.

decentralized lunacy 

the Seagate Exos X16 16TB drive i've had my eye on has gone from $320 -> $380, and a bunch of places are out of stock. Amazon price is way higher right now.

it's a 2 year old hard drive at this point, and i feel like i could hold off. but i am indeed quite very much running out of space. this could all blow over,

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