@flancian nicely tiled desktop!

i also love seeing a good thermos. i'd been bringing tea with me on the go for years, but only like ~3 years ago did it occur to me how nice it would be to use every-day. i'd been suing tea candles to keep my iron tea pot warm, which has a nice aesthetic & all, but frankly the thermos works better

do you mainly do tea or coffee in it?

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@jauntywunderkind420 I'd like to drink more tea but I mostly drink coffee (french press, aeropress) and mate. I know less about tea; which teas do you like?

@flancian ah ok. i saw the mate cup, but i thought you had multiple drinks going.

wow, i hadn't noticed taht your mate gourd is light up! is it heated too? that's epic.

i used to be a huge fan of tie guan yin oolongs, usually of a roasty/not-green-hearted variety. for the past bunch of years i've been way more green-tea favoring. i feel weird sharing my specific preference, but Xu Fu Long Ya, "dragon tooth", has been my favorite tea for a long time now, although some batches haven't been as good as others. expensive, gotten a bit more so, but i love it.

@jauntywunderkind420 thank you kindly for the recommendation! Noding it.

One of the images of a Buddha I allow myself

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