ah, back and sated.

gonna thread a bit of a riff on my thinking at the end of this oddly productive in odd ways kind of saturday, and I'm tagging it #theTubes for now because that's good.

also, I'll make the rest unlisted so I'm not quite so shouty on the rest of y'all's federated feeds and such - I do apologize if us'n got a little loud with our well-meaning nerdy hellthread today.

your patience is, as always, graciously accepted.

okay, so a short-ish summary, some middlin-ish riffing on variations on a theme, and then some forward looking statements on #theTubes

#theTubes is an ad hoc experiment around throwing together a decentralized peer-to-peer shared vpn fabric amongst a small group of node operators who have some common interest and connection.

that's the short-ish-est summary I'm likely to round up tonight, but it should suffice. what it lacks in detail it makes up for in brevity.


@djsundog this sounds like dn42.net . they have good resources for peering over all manners of vpn fabric.

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