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new keyboard tray is working well.

let me just say how much i love love love s-biners. I used to tie end loops in cords & use s-biners, but I realized that with the right size s-biner I just need a stopper knot. a lot of steveadore hitches since then. the end loops are ok but sizing them to the right length is kind of a pain. i can throw hitch exactly where needed in seconds.

did this last night at 1AM haha. I was going to try to wake up early & snap out some work that's dwelt too long but didn't quite get myself out of lala land. i was also gonna go sleep on the roof in the hammock, but that didn't happen either. here i am anyways, please work, let's get through you.

also let it be known & hopefully rectified that there are nowhere near enough things with vesa mounts on them. took way too long to find this "humancentric 101-2074" vesa tray.

i need to bend it a little better, angle is still too severe, after some unsophisticated twisting. need to put a block inside the angle & hammer some maybe? just a guess, probably would work better than prying.

potential future upgrade, i'm considering making this a dual arm setup, side by side, for split keyboard action or, lol, computing with a friend, not that i have many. ;)

for whatever reason i bought two of the tv mount arms when i started this project, $23 each. the tray is $17. okay buying another tray now! it's actually a laptop tray but working quite well.

$40 for this, per arm! not counting the old 2x4 & some of the elastic cord i started buying in bulk. neeaatt. compute well, all.

kind of feeling that kick in the ass push to get a second copy of my laptop working as a secondary monitor again. really need to do that sometime.

i think wlroots has a extend-desktop-with-vnc mode built in now? after over a year of dabbling with dummy plugs / headless monitor plugs, i might get the fully-virtual solution i wanted anyways, the non-silly version.

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