android blues 

fuck android so much. this is a hellscape of an os for shitty shitty shitty shitty software to be shit on.

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android blues 

however... most of the random media players i have on here don't open shit. almost none of them even see the share on their own. which is apparently exposed as a part of the Android 6 platform, from 2015. which apparently not a one of these jackass programs supports, fuck us all.

but if i do tell Files to open the video in a media player, almost none of them play shit. well reputed apps like Mx Player? nothing, for a bunch of my media, not particularly special media.

so i finally find that vlc will open & play most of my media while viewing in "Files". great. however Files? Files is trash. it truncates file names very very quickly. if i go to the wrong directory & hit back, it drops me back at the top of the parent directory, rather than what i was looking at. viewing a directory of a season of tv shows, it's just a bunch of anonymous cards, and a file size, and i have to pick pick pick pick until i get the right one.

nothing in this experience has a single indicator of quality.

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android bluies 

wow what a shit shit shit experience.

i was very happy to see Kodi connect to my home samba system.

however things immediately started going sour. it took ~5 minutes to load the directory listing, with kodi totally frozen up. kodi is kind of a fuck i guess.

i tried some other apps and no one had good mounting. i found google released a small app for mounting Samba mounts onto your phone, back in 2017, but it's only available on f-droid of course. i fucked around, in hopes i could find something i could use on random devices where i/others don't have f-droid but nothing.

once i finally gave up, Android Samba Client connected quickly. it opened the "Files" app and browsed the share quickly & efficiently.

finally getting around to trying webthings iot gateway and damn, i feel so bad for these people.

this is great software. really good. but wow. they bundle way way way way too much shit in here. there's all kinds of integration with home base. there's ssl subsystems of various forms, a ssl tunnel system to boot. there's some kind of wifi captive portal.

few of the addons have install instructions. they want you to go through their central service, it seems like.

like, chill dude. chill.

in general, big conflict between "just works" easy def experience, and anything devs don't find repulsive and disgusting.

product failure so bad you should beg forgiveness, google, multi device, 

i gotta say, google's ability to build Google TV, Google Max speakers, then have them have no way to work well together (you connect via bluetooth & there is >0.5 second audio lag) is impressively not simply incompetent & but actively user-hating.

they should beg forgiveness for this.

fixed garbage out, on to fixing garbage in 

so much awesome progress reverse engineering video-output. i really hope at some point soon we start developing the skills to reverse engineer device's video/image input too.

this laptop/tablet i'm on has front & back cameras! i'm not too shocked that neither work but gee would be so nice. the front facing worked on my last laptop/tablet but not the one you'd need for joining meetings. my general concern though is as much about the coming phones, as anything else.

oh also the sound driver has a quirk, where it shuts off the power amplifier to the speakers. so no sound output. that feels more specific though, versus, like, generally, phones and tablets generally not having the best webcam support.

RT @YoonjKim
To be clear, 3 private billionaires now have more resources than the entire government to colonize space.

Our tax code allows a handful of rich men to overtake NASA in the space race rather than funding public education, healthcare, etc.

Tax the rich ASAP.

qualcomm's next laptop/mid/chromebook processor the sc7180 is going to be the best supported new linux cpu ever. based off a couple page read of (the kernel official hardware support directory)

tons & tons of work. this is for sure super happening, super well.

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On this subject, lately I've become obsessed with personal libraries and archives, both physical and digital. I don't have a grand thesis yet, but there's something to the role an individual's practice of collecting and curating can lead to a distributed system of stored knowledge, particularly in arenas traditional institutions miss, but even just as a caretaking mentality, library as practice

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happy 1 year birthday to initial gpu bring up on snapdragon 865 / sm8250

the excessively great work of Alyssa Rosenzweig
in making drivers for the gpu is powered by this initial unlocking, me thinks.

so so so rad. so close to major ass kickings starting.

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would love a language for the web platform that looks like multi-dispatch but under the hood is generating & dispatching Events somehow.

(with proxy you could do it in javascript too, notably)

bought a phone, gonna turn it into a computer.

re-found out tianocore's edk bootloader has some snapdragon builds, mainly for sdm845 right now.

so we can uefi boot. perfect!! probably not gonna have usb keyboard or any way to interact with the bootloader but i can survive, probably!! and start booting good os'es.

of shells & scripts 

the shell's ability to play with processes is just so much more advanced & playful than the programmer's careful rotes, of programmer slowly building imperative machines to crunch & push around data

this is all a fairly medium level of build-the-stuff madness.

someday i want to run my own Debian buildfarm. that's way sillier. i'm not entirely sure why. basically to be able to gentoo it up, more or less, i guess: to very carefully tweak & tailor what I target, what toolchain I use.

at one point i think i was dreaming of trying to build a Debian targeting a Cortex M7 mmu-less uclinux system or something. there were some kind of silly reasons i had for wanting to do this. i don't really care about most of my systems being perfectly tuned/compiled. i feel like i had some other specific use cases.

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this is happening in my closet at home, which i'm hundreds of miles away from. on a machine next to it, i'm rebuilding my openwrt image, this time with a bunch more packages on the base image.

i could just install the packages, but kind of wanting a good stock base image that works well, as i now have three of these r7800's. one is staying here, replacing the wretched cable modem's awful wifi. one's at home and needs updating. and another is still in box here.

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it is pretty rad there is a Linux Foundation project & that board supporting & hopefully ultimately upstreaming are happening in public. the new qsdk is... kind of being done right?

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ok my bad yay. i was copy pasting the codeaurora qsdk example. those instructions tell repo, as it's init'ing, to go download a specific version of repo for this checkout, codeaurora's version, and that version is old and python3 incompatible.

i had tried messing around with that checkout a bunch to make it use python2 & work, but i was not winning that.

otoh just using the systemwide repo for everything seems likely to work better. hopefully better enough. i have many GB of downloading to go, but perhaps it might work!

this will take a while:
repo init -u git:// -b release -m caf_AU_LINUX_QSDK_NHSS.QSDK.

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now wasted an entire evening. sun is rising.

i'm trying to build a modern qsdk, for no particular reason. google's 'repo' tool helps them stitch together a bunch of repos & build stuff, but it's not helping me! python2/python3 horseshit from this frustrating ass tool.

it looks like there may even be some work in progress on a kernel 5.13! good! i wish openwrt were trying to be more up to date like this! they just hang out on last years LTS, slowly try to get this year's LTS working in "experimental", then get totally taken to the cleaners when the new year comes & their long long long long series of backports are all broken as fuck.

i know they juggle a fucking ton of shit. a ton. huge vast troves of kernel patches. i want to sympathize. if anyone needs to it's them, trying to suck up whatever vendor turds they can & slowly forward port them. but heavens, there's such good activity in embedded mainline, & openwrt being so behind hurrrttsss.

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what a bunch of assholes. whomever on google named 'repo' repo can fucking burn for making a project-builder that is entirely impossible to search for help on. it's also an obtuse piece of shit.

oh and it seems to not work with python2 or python3, which is extra fucking special. i've tried editing it's scripts to force it to one or the other & it just doesn't matter. it bitches about python3 being experimental, ignores the python aka python2, & dies. first impression is this is a terror.

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