Fffuuuuu, wow, bpftrace looks amazing,
_bpftrace uses existing Linux kernel facilities (eBPF, kprobes, uprobes, tracepoints, perf_events), as well as bcc libraries. Internally, bpftrace uses a lex/yacc parser to convert programs to AST, then llvm IR actions, then BPF._

the world i guess. 's ruling the planet. i also adore how there's an AST, an llvm IR, and then running ebpf. abstractions abstractions abstractions!

Pixel Slate's keyboard is $200. Which is hella expensive. I'd be ok /w this, but it doesn't work unless physically connected to the slate, & that's not how I usually compute. Bluetooth keyboard below, display way up, so I'm not hunched over looking down.

I'm also not a fan of hingeless designs, not a fan of the flap. Sometimes I do have to work on my lap, yet it seems like everyone is building hardware you need a table for.

I continue to think I own the best laptop on the planet. 5 years old, & unmatched.

Ugh is this love? Please no. I may be in love with a Furyan.

Loving having some insight into how Apple devices communicate. It's tragic beyond belief that local adhoc networking is still so crude & proprietary.

One Billion Apples' Secret Sauce: Recipe for the Apple Wireless Direct Link Ad hoc Protocol:

The WiFi Alliance created Neighbor Awareness (aka WiFi Aware) that I think delivers somewhat similar p2p connectivity. Oh look, you can now download the technical docs! That's new!

loving AMD's work with ryzen. ECC everywhere is fantastic. motherboards coming in under $70 is exciting & seems natural when so so much is on package.

alas the lack of server-style BMC in their lineup is super sad, and many of the super interesting mid power 65W/45W cores seem like they'll never be generally available.

hopefully AMD & motherboard makers can take their current success & keep expanding it's reach.

"Big news for Pulsar: we're now officially a Top Level Project!"

Doesn't seem like anyone else is making headway undoing the too-tightly-coupled, highly-unflexible aspects of one of the most important pieces of software out there, , & I'm delighted is doing such a good job.

Doing message queueing atop the flexible project is a perfect fit.

"If you meet a healer PLEASE do yourself a favor and complete their sidequests so you can marry them as soon as possible. They are very rare."

Roommates bought their own AP's & I spent a while re-connecting all the Chromecast devices, twice. Can confirm, slow process is slow!

I created a Solid page, index.html, and became unable to use the data-browser to edit the folder.

This prompted me to take solid-cli, which let me issue an HTTP DELETE on the resource.

Intel talking up ceph over nvme-of. It's funny still having any intermediary at that point but ceph sure is a friendly & useful middle layer to keep doing, ,

Stop spending money @jauntywunderkind420! Wow!

Angel/demon on shoulders warring over whether to buy a 1.1kWh semi-exotic low-temperature battery pack off ebay for $400. A pull from a car. I want it for an outdoor solar hotspot project, but heck no I don't need it.

A reasonable me would spend <$100 on a modest LifePO4 pack. Low-temp handling would be adequate. Would have plenty of juice.

But I could have SO MUCH juice for a relative steal, & in an invincible exotic cell chemistry! For only 4x more!

It's so crazy that we're already in a post-Extensible Web Manifesto era. I've forgotten the name of it a couple times already, so posting somewhat just to help myself remember, but the Layered API sort-of-manifesto proposes ditching the "work on low-level pieces" focus the web has had, & building standards & platform more integratively & vertically, & that's an interesting twist after such a large & loud outcry to try to keep it simple, to make only ,

Apache Arrow showing a TON of activity. Their new "Flight" gRPC system for data IPC (their intro talks about it like a ODBC/JDBC for columnar data) has a lot of activity, github.com/apache/arrow/pull/2 ! Gandiva- enabling llvm computed vector processing- is getting close to mergable. github.com/apache/arrow/pull/2

I am a little nervous cause I kind of like the old Plasma shared-memory object-passer. Flight is copy-to-write, whereas Plasma should be zero copy fully, I think? Flight looks set to takeover.

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