I may be very very single still but at least I am one of the best dancers in this city.

i am so productive,
it's just never on the thing i ought to be working on

i wish i had the freedom to procrastinate more regularly. i'd be so frelling productive.

I was really hoping this line on my receipt, "magtek edynamo" was my server, but no. Card reader. Alas.

it makes me very very sad that Android Q is removing clipboard manager. i hate so much to see software freedom have to keep succeeding ground, users getting less and less options & capabilities. Because of bad things, bad people. We don't manage the bad, we just kill the capability: that feels like where software has been at for the past 3 years.

In particular, I like managers that take a history of my copies & which upload those to my central server.

I wish I weren't so satisfied with a phone's touchscreen keyboard. As a youth the Twiddler was the one and only device worth considering, the height of coolness, and while ultimately there was a new Twiddler release & I bought one, I only ever got to barely hackable levels on it.

I quickly moved to the TabSpace layout. Mainly I wanted to be able to code or take notes from it, hopefully while on the go.

Reaction Engines Limited's Sabre rocket making some progress. Initial design sign off by ESA, and the precooler is going to start a new round of testing.

Radically "cool" rockertry project.

Comes around again! Have been intent on getting going with a nRF52840 for a while. Well, now there's a follow up chip. That dev kit is already obsolete. Hello nRF52811!

This one has thew new Bluetooth direction finding.

I also sprang for the expensive optional energy measuring cape for my dev kit, which was portable to the previous chip too. Hopefully the new dev kit will be compatible with this board.

Technical review of clustered file system VAST, making use of Optane as a first highly resilient write-cache. Hmmm delightful high tech materials to go through. Adorable.

And for no apparent reason ("stress testing" it's storage, lol) I am updating hella packages & getting rid of qt4. That took 2 hours.

Better now! Smartmontools says wear level count 13, 1 reallocated sector... should be ok. I think it was just btrfs. Even though I have 25gb free I kept getting no space errors & getting dropped into RO. Lol. I'd been using it as a ssh terminal into other machines... Yes yes, works crumbling about me, but please, I have code I want to write.

Laptop hopefully humming along again. I finally plugged in a Debian flash drive & fsck'ed the ailing btrfs.

Since I was feeling brave, I installed system-boot. Usually it just works & this was no exception, yay. Perviously I had a hand-built Linux 4.4.1 being directly loaded, with compiled in kernel arguments & every modules I needed: no initrd or initram at all. 3 years old! Ew. So bad. Qemu installs were failing beside binfmt's was too old for it. So much missing stuff.

i'm hella impressed by ncollide. rust has a really badass collision detection library. and nphysics, a really good physics engine based on it.

but this week i saw wgpu and now i want everything to be in webgpu.

even though that's uhh somewhat a wip

it would be ideal if there were a k8s operator for running & scaling erlang clusters.

containers would need access to some kind of volume that hosted the shared .erlang.cookie, and containers would need network access to each other on a set port.

Douglas Engelbart's daughter, Christine, talking about how bootstrapping their own environment was the chief, most important aspect of his work- that everything he did was aligned to this great work of bootstrapping- this is the point, the real deal, the core truth of what we must face & get up to. Building our own paradigms.

Would like to be able to transition my reading across ebook, audio book, and phone.

There's a lot less keeping me online, keeping me interested & learning.

This is probably a good thing? Personally. Some of it is that I feel like I know the web better, that every web dev article that comes out is no longer something I'll spend time sponging up.

But I feel like there's less articles, less happening. We're solidifying. Our ends are better defined, more industrial, less a frontier. Discovery is in decline. Libre and p2p have faded.

Reexcite the web.

And I guess I'm concerned about what's next too. I like having a lot of work & emotional energy for my own affairs, my own tech projects. I don't want to have to be heavily in the thick of work to feel like I'm appreciated, yet it makes sense that that's how the world works

I want to be able to bring to bear a wide range of skills, whereas I feel like programming is kind of narrowing & shrinking, that the demands are increasingly industrial & using narrower skill sets.

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