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this is bullshit. my usb wifi card is showing up in ifconfig but iwconfig shows 'no wireless extensions'. excuse you? wtc. this can't be happening. this is not ok. nightmare.

so terrible at working on things i need to. so good at working on everything else.

every now and then the stars really line up but those phases just fall out of alignment. they never complete, there's no ending, no ritual to complete and remember them by. just... really good work, really good tries.

500mhz cortex a5 devices are, it turns out, a bit slower than i remember. sd card is pretty meh & old & that's contributing but still striking me as a little shy of good.

super interesting note from Warren Ellis on his orbitaloperations.com newsletter-
"...I spent a lot of time trying to work out how to update Bond's 1950s/60s tastes to the contemporary era. The key to Fleming is in the details, you see. He did two drafts of (almost) every book - one for the story, one for the detail."
I love this two-pass strategy. It kind of resonates with incremental procedural generation techniques- build the thing, then extend & make rich.

well this led light isn't going hot. couldn't figure out my old passwords on the system. no problem, just pop the sd card out and try to chroot into the os to chpasswd. well huh, i guess qemu-user-static isn't installed. it's not installing? this 4.6 kernel isn't THAT old. :/ ok i'll try and reboot now. i don't remember how *this* computer boots. syslinux? grub? is that legacy or indeed using this uefi partition on the flash stick this pc runs on? well here we go. cya soon.

jordan peterson says that if your relationship reaches the rolling of eyes stage, it's sunk & should be abandoned.

i roll my own eyes at my own self & my own bullshit all the time. i am thrown in to this world & i throw back, imperfectly, & it's as it lands that i get to assess myself & my actions critically. i hazard against taking oneself too seriously.

i don't think he's totally off base. we need some credibility with our partner. but we also need the safe shared intimacy that does judge (harshly) too.

i wish i had hopes for making more progress in linux. one of the best computer advancement's we've had, & more or less unusable aside from one proprietary driver, i believe.

supposedly the displayport cec-over-aux work got into linux, i think in 4.14? i hope that's a real thing now. i really hope. i want to adjust brightness. like a non-barbarian. solid progress to have power over what we ought to have, long long ago.

soo red hat is like- let's ship wayland! and then everyone realized they can't do that unless they tackle screen recording, which has unceremoniously been ignored & neglected as a use case. i'm being a little more negative than the situation deserves, but i'm also not fully wrong. i look forward to screen recording & remote desktops coming to be. i can't wait to use wayland, to enjoy better faster slicker compositing, but also this kind of remoteability is prime to me.

for a bit i was petrified that the pca9865 driver is i2c but doesn't give current control, so i was trying to remember whether i really had bought a resistor kit or whether i was hosed and probably going to melt my one known good soldered led.

good news according to manual is there's a i2c dac MCP4728 used to set current limit, 100-700ma, which is good. bad news is some arduino library does that setup & i have to reproduce whatever shenanigans it does & not let any magic smoke out. ledshield.wordpress.com/manual

"progress" has been slow with the led light. i have confidence this is all magically going to start working as soon as i snap my fingers. i have next to no backup plans if this doesn't all indeed work.

Gibson's Counter Zero transformed Talking Heads - Papa Legba from a cute loose simple voodoo ditty into this expansive grimdark & wacky sci-fi flowing vision.

part of me thinks apple is taking forever to push new hardware because they're deep mid-cycle in rebuilding it all with their own ARM chips. no incentive to keep the current reputation high- in fact, getting people a bit miffed off is priming them for the big switch.

i don't want to "fav" my tweets but it would be great to be able to self-moderate, to indicate which things i feel strong about & worth revisiting, things that rise above my baseline noisy humanness.

libertarian -> liberator. this coiled, reactive "don't tread on me" is such weak sauce versus an outlook that wan't to uplift & increase.

this thread isn't new to me, but hearing some kernels of it in lord musk resurfaced this a lot.
"Socialism vs capitalism is not even the right question. What really matters is avoiding monopolies that restrict people’s freedom."

i do feel like the globalization & capital have trapped us, continuing forever until collapse. .

"I thought to myself: would I rather have had that experience, having a terrible time making something successful, or do what I did: have fun making something no one else cared about. That's when i realized that I had done the right thing. I followed my dream and I enjoyed the process, more than the result."

did anyone ever work up a relationship with LOVE? i think of this adventure game passion project so much. there should be millions of us crafting these treasurable kingdoms, making far out game worlds for folks to habitate.
_Today is the 10th anniversary of the development of my game LOVE, and I think it's time to tell the story behind it._

done and added a long vertical cardboard flap to block just the sun coming down. i dunno it's good.

inside the house for a little bit, enjoy some quasi ac & get project moving along, start talking i2c to the led controller.

or oh look at that i'm building a new shade for my window. this will be a lower shade, construction wire dropping from upper mounts to support a crossbeam (also construction wire) that holds some shades. something to sunblock the under the monitor space while i leave the main shades open to enjoy an outdoor view.

i should probably just change rooms for a bit after this. :-p

Not so much with that reading a book thing, tbh. Bunch of tweaks & improvements to the balcony & posting lol.