exfiltrating a bunch of tiny little shell scripts from .zshrc into repos.

react-hooks continues react's tradition of boiling away layers that we once believed in. our belief in so many ceremonies is ritual, repetition, or more generously taking things further, innovation onwards. it turns out innovation that destructive, that resets the slate, was super important for programming on web.

it even took the drastic invention of the virtual dom to fulfill this re-assessment, this resetting.

objects, splimes, actors, they all sound ideally relatively-highly isomorphic, to me.


new cli environment-variable idea i'm trying out. my "active" project directory will be saved in a file ~/.p, and i set up a global 'p' alias to print it:
alias -g p='$(cat ~/.p)'

i melted down about a music service and os from the same company that couldn't keep my downloaded files before the app eventually got deconsistent & couldn't play anything without them being cleared.

i rant against the app, but as much there's probably some os storage issues inherent here. some error checking the platform should assist with, some resillient data technologies, that it leaves each app to reinvent & mess up it's way into being problematic.

the basic platform app: unstable.

Software didn't boldly define networking. It used it intensively, makes use of the protocols and services, occasionally exposing an endpoint. I think there's a lot of terrain to explore in agents, perhaps even local, mobile, ambient agents, maintaining their own district sense of self as they network extensively.

It strikes me as absurd out application objects don't have their own ip addresses. Give things their own address!

if you're going to believe in magical realism you might as well try learning & practicing magic

overposting, & spending too much energy in it. i needed more calm.

most hybrids tend to have much larger sized modules that are unwieldy to deal with & often have complex interfaces to either expose or manage & balance the multiple cells they are comprised of.

the simplicity of a modest sized modular pack is really great. good luggability. as for power: discharging around it's max 2.5C, pack is providing 1.5HP.

nissan leaf batteries are $132.8/kWh. and unlike many other car batteries they have really modular design: a 2S2P cell with three big solid terminal blocks on one end. the two modules you need are each 5cm tall & slightly bigger than a stack of paper, & weight 3.5kg.

I'm very tempted to buy more units of this very fine battery. Your company does a lot of interesting work, but this is quite the piece of hardware here. I feel like this thing came out of a jet not a hybrid. Thanks a dozen.

Do you have any information on the balance controller, and whether it's possible to use both blocks in a parallel 32.4V configuration with the balance controller attached & running? I'm afraid if I try the parallel configuration in your description with the balance controller plugged in I might fry it. I couldn't find any model or id number for the balance controller, or any data-sheets on it, so in general anything at all you could do to help me understand this balance controller would be excellent.

Recent message to battery seller:
Hello. I'm considering buying some more of these fine packs. I have a question about something in your description that says:
"Comes as a 64.8V pack, can be reconfigured to 32.4V by flipping around one of the blocks."

the "side effect" of write-off-able battery packs on wheels getting indeed written off as a loss is astounding. there ought be joy & amazingness that core components can be reused, would that it be yet more fungible than the kind of custom drop & replace mode we have now. battery systems presently exhibit little to no physical modularity.

if that got anywhere i'd like to flop over to AC<->DC. with SiC as it is it'd be so fun to go direct.

the better, aloner me off in the woods or in the high tower has time to futz around with open source discrete, software defined switching DC-DC.

Resist becoming the operating system. Leave hooks in your machine for higher level systems & machines to work your machine.

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