Hadn't thought to give a look at uniq's command line options.

Frameworks for eventtarget.
Frameworks for async iteration.
Frameworks for streams.

For computers to set us free
There must be more than one world possible at a time
Yet what apis are so virtualized?

if i was going to learn anything in chrome dev it would want to be gutting the notification pop ups.

my browser should have an api or interface to let me manage this stuff myself but it doesn't.

libra offering the "we will do whatever it takes, cooperate with whoever you want to get the yoke of control we want" is the most sinister vicious cold blooded hardline possible stance one can take.

it should be conservatives appalled by this servile capitulation & knavery to the State but i think liberals have evolved a far far more reasonable operating view of reality, a far more nuanced & realistic view of power, & who far far better get how twisted this is.

i am so mad that & both culture jam & rip off from my religion. they should be banned as religiously offensive. will not quietly sit by while you turn our good names, while you turn the tenements of our religion, into a sick proprietary corporately owned joke. we will bring your pathetic lowly ordered ways under the all encompassing might of our sacred .

on the web i want your home base is /~l33tz0r@yoyodyne.net/ () everywhere

i want to snoop on how much water flow my roommates use. thankfully afaik it's not practical but i'd really like to classify "maximum flow all the time" as a personality type against everyone else.

something that used to be experiencable on bittorrent & p2p was going away for a while, with some things unseeded, & coming back, & they were seeded & healthy & ok.

this does not happen anymore. the information quickly turns to rot.

lord knows what year of setting up kubernetes at home i'm in. last i left off, i was setting up cfssl, which honestly, after that goes, is 80% of the getting it up & going war.

this is super procrastinaty- in a creative procrastination way- because i have other things to wrap up & this is a known timesink hazard, but still i want to! last progress.. oh gracious. january 2018! it's been a while.

i started this december 2014. ~6 months pre 1.0! at least, that's the earliest trace i can find.

i'm glad someone is putting a flag down, trying to make a rallying point for Generative Art & ... yet i don't think this article speaks enough to the work itself.

this is moral work, virtuous work, creating space from nothing. it's anti-colonial anti-imperial because it can expand & expand, & it's easy to set it free so others might expand their mind-lands too.

come enrich the virtual! be a person who expands the universe, all without having to claim atoms & shuffle them.

when "street view" is replaced by "drone view", i really look forward to bragging about how much faster it was & how many orders of magnitude less man-years & gigawatt hours it took.

it'll also look way way cooler.

tesla trying to patent hub & spoke computer network architecture in this thread, US20190217794:
"In this new wiring architecture, subsystems are packaged and defined in one or multiple assemblies in certain embodiments. For example, a door assembly might contain one controller (or hub) that controls multiple devices, such as locking components, lighting components, audio components, etc."

some potentially innovative other claims but 👿 as usual so much basic work headed for lock down

.mil which is scary but i can't help but love & be excited for the full-scale xv-24a "Lightning Strike" vtol drone.

only other aircraft design i've seen about that calls to me is NASA's similar-ish vtol gl-10 greased lightning, also in scaled demonstrator stages 2-3 years back:

nothing wrong with & in particular that a little more web can't fix.

seems like a really good OS model & security aparatus. just needs to move from the old world of single systems, out, into the world wide web.

maybe just me, but i think a huge amount of these abstractions are implementable as is, with a little creativity & elbow grease,

80mm being π ϵ .01 inches is rad. good fan size. would buy again.

terrified & on the computer & most troubling & sometimes i think i have some kind of a plan about it all

I dont really get how America is supposed to start legislating again after such a long long time of that being totally the opposite of the point. Not that we're near having any say in the Senate to start.

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