still seems to me the big twist needed is to make each digital thing digital matter more materialized, a more a standalone thing. each thing itself. rather than existing only within select digital environments.

particularly with Apple becoming by far the best chip designer on the planet, i really really hope Intel can get back on the horse & design & build good chips again.

i am terrified of Taiwan (specifically, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, TSMC) being the one and only place on the planet where good and pretty good chips get made.

one of the semi-wilder things i found out ChromeOS & it's future is- yes, it's growing Wayland support- but the intent is for the chrome os process to continue to directly use the video card, & become, evidently, it's own Wayland server.

they are trying to split chrome the browser from chrome the os process. ok sure. and chrome the browser will be running as just another Wayland client. cool, neat. this is the "Lacros" effort, & will enable the browser to be maintained, even when the rest of the device isn't, which is huge.

for some reason i'd thought that ChromeOS was trying to rebase, to run atop Wayland. in actuality though, they seem to want to continue running directly against the GPU, via GBM/EGL. they have their own display server Exo/ExoSphere inside the Aura shell that acts as a Wayland display server. but this is implemented "against the metal", current EGL

i don't think there's anything simple like the above. there are some 4x gpu slot motherboards out there, but mostly over $500! yikes!!

i suppose that's not entirely too bad if you're already willing to throw down for 4x ~$200 video cards, but it doesn't seem like it's got to be like this. especially if one is willing to pair down to x4 slots, which i think a lot of manufacturers are going to resist, because it would break the mold on products, give too much away, upset the balance.

also one other small note, a bunch of the mid-grade amd cards (5600 and below) are PCIe4 x8. neat. really don't think even that 16GBps is very necessary/helpful.

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so few friends fofofo but again thinking of building a multi-headed gaming box / personal cloud gaming system with a couple more video cards in it. hahaha.

could also just run 4 different games at once, & switch between them. :) aow: planetfall, anno 1800, as far as the eye all look like total time sinks that would be fun to all run at the same time. lol.

i'd need a power supply & some kind of fancy motherboard too. alas. now that pcie 4 is starting to happen, it'd be way cool to see more motherboards with like 4x pcie x4 slots hanging off the cpu, because frankly i my understanding is throughput to the cards is just not that important. back at pcie3 x8 cards, i understand, ran fine. same thing, just more cards. :)

i don't intend to do this. waste of money basically. but it's the kind of tech usage that i want to see, should be doable.

chrome won't play music in the background. get knackered you chumps. trying to groove out. what the fuck is your deal man.

seen two posts today totally dumping on really good diy for being of dodgy unreliable make. screw these coward complainers. jump off a pier you tarts.

do you think some db9s can handle 60v? I think they can. sure. why not. i believe in them.

pretty sure Youtube music is using my entire sd card more or less. minor mess. & that the latest incarnation frigging sucks. no I feel lucky no endless mix. your weekly iota of entropy gently milked from the system.

on the one hand i don't seriously think i'll ever go here

but hypothetically, a super kick ass power supply for Power over Ethernet.

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thank you 14S scooters for providing quite powerful, quite affordable 58.8V power bricks. 4A (235 watt) for $30? oh hell yes.

is this the very first, the first new age hub? *multiple thunderbolt ports.* this is what usb4 has been pushing us towards! now there are starting to be products. very nice to see ports go from 1 or 2 very special ports, to being widely available. albeit in fairly expensive hubs. :) but still, progress.

no one knows how to talk to the one guy who spends well over 5 minutes every single standup, walking us through every little thing.

dead weekend. enjoyed silence. read some. feeling guilty as hell about it. but did not muster myself, rise to any of the opportunities in front of me.

sim4 is a game that feels like can never die. there are too many expansion packs. too much is invested.

would be interesting to imagine a sim5 that lets one still use all the content packs/dlc one had bought for sims4?

more typically, i think of the battlefield series. i really enjoyed the battlefield 3 maps. i can imagine a "battlefield eternal", which rolls up previous content, creates an ongoing game.

it's just so fucked up that arm is finally delivering, for consumer systems, for servers, but still no one can buy a gorram thing on their own. the x86 competition is finally here and you cannot buy it. fuck this. fuck these chumps.

33% was that all the answers were super soft answers too, pitching rather than informing. useless lo-fi fuller all around.

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pretty tired of seeing 0% of SpaceX landings. they all cut off right before impact. they all cut off right before separation. do we ever get the full length cut? no, right?

faked it's all fake, SpaceX is the simulation, damn you you cursed basilisk.

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