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JauntyWunderKind @jauntywunderkind420@cybre.space

or the limited ed Ducky Year of the Dog enamelled keyboard, cheesy though it be,

the ducky keyboards seem to have very very limited lighting controls, which is something i'd like to have fine grained control over.

ideally, i'd get a wooting (for crazy tweakability), & an edge (split keyboards!!)

my home keyboard is crazy non-elite & i kind of want something fancier. too many options!

wooting one, with analog keys! what a neat toy!

blastemaster, solid offering and HAS A KNOB holy shit,

hexgears x-1, low profile, bt, or ducky blade air,

kinesis edge, has cherry clear, split, why am i considering anything else, $$$$,

I need more degrees of freedom on my monitor arms! I'm thinking a telescoping arm would be crazy hella useful.

Also the current laptop arm I bought (a monoprice model) is colossal & kind of like dark brutalist, lol.

not on the devops squad, but still excited: we're finally rotating out/updating our clusters! goodbye 1.7!

the downside is that given what laptops cost (much the pressure to march upmarket these days holy cow) i don't think i can be excited about anything ever again?

the chromebooks of interest are all at least $500 & that's EXPENSIVE in my book. and no one is doing a solid 2-in-1 form factor (the surface with it's non-laptop friendly stand fucked us over proper well, set a terrible trendy standard).

fwiw the laptop was already 2 years old when i bought it. .

i just got lucky, buying a "cheap" laptop on impulse (refurb. $670 no longer feels cheap for a great laptop btw) 3 years ago, & increasingly I feel like i bought one of the best laptops on the planet & which everyone (including the maker) is still vastly vastly behind on (they have zero compelling followup, especially at non-premium prices).

bright bright bright. amazing battery. tablet + hinged keyboard with yet more battery. solid 15w cpu. aok linux.

i bought two more recently. cheap. for real cheap.

i had a kind of long run where i really was using rygel-playbin, & controlling from afar. that was like 18 months ago.

a) playback was not the most glorious (trying totem (also gstreamer) right now & it's equally crap i think alas)
b) never figured out how to enable subtitles, iirc?
c) i don't remember the one & only linux control point i found (but it's checked in & shouldn't be hard to lookup... it was upplay!)

but sure is nice having networked device control!

been having some truly trash experiences with watching videos on vlc. i think maybe it's trying to do too much post-processing & gets behind & glitches out? the settings menu is indecypherable garbage.

frankly i just want some hardware accelerated playbay without any fanfare.

kodi has good video but ugh the interface. i don't have a static setup; i'm usually upnp or cifs sharing from some device or another, & kodi makes me set up shares ahead of time. i just want a bloody browser. also it's kb hotkeys :(

i'm trying to convince myself to buy a sony a7 or a7r iii & solid prime lens. i think i'm going to, someday, so there's no reason to delay. but i haven't spent >$3000 on anything... uh... ever? is that right? besides college. & i have some remaining "lets see what nikon & canon do with their full frame mirrorless" but really i'm pretty sure it's going to be the sony, and probably the -r.

i did once pay rent that wasn't THAT much further behind. oh those days.

@smallsees your shares are killing it craig. thanks a bajillion.

super in love with the @kaleidoscopemac@twitter.com account , in it's glorious colors.

my first swdev job was a webshack whose main page had the same html content but like 15 different totally revamped themes- kind of a proto css garden thing?

i spent quite a while doing various winshell themeing (litestep, others) before getting my daily driver over to linux

at one point (radically) reskinning html componenets was a thing & there were awesome widget libraries but i can't find jack. :/

make πŸ‘ interfaces πŸ‘ skinnable πŸ‘ again πŸ‘

containers can use fuse in linux 4.18, yay wow basics
ad_xdp begins letting us talk about & work with packets without necessarily having our code read the packets- that's awesome
cpu_opv is a NEW virtual-machine inside the kernel for per-cpu tasklets
fun release!

nvme prices hit a major spot of turbulence. the high end drive i monitor on ebay is selling for half what it was 6 months ago, crashing from a little under $1/GB for a good deal to quite a number of sales of this high end unit for 1/3 of that or less. wowzer.

the software got away from me again
iterating too deep into the rooted context of software
bail bail bail, bail out

i feel like there is actually some visible n-weeks countdown to manifestation.
that means progress, progress with some realizable goal.

alias charme="echo '* w # : M ! + ~ @ $ ^ & & & & % $ , - / < ? 2> 2 > '"
for the "my keyboard is stupid & i need a character" embarrassment department

qnap nas with 5x 3.5" drives & 4x 2.5" drives, and a celeron 3865U aka small 2c "core" processor, starting at a not horrific $650 for the 2GB version,

a pity there's so few small-form-factor nas cases about. would be lovely to diy mini-itx this with ryzen.

New Horizons and Voyager 1 data seems to indicate that there is some kind of hydrogen wall at the edge of the solar system. That’s...super weird??