Woodrow Wilson said government "is accountable to Darwin, not to Newton."

The full context of the Wilson Newton/Darwin quote, from an obscure lecture (Worldcat has no record), is this:

The trouble with the theory is that government is not a machine, but a living thing. It falls, not under the theory of the universe, but under the theory of organic life. It is accountable to Darwin, not to Newton. It is modified by its environment, necessitated by its tasks, shaped to its functions by the sheer pressure of life. No living thing can have its organs offset against each other as checks, and live. On the contrary, its life is dependent upon their quick cooperation, their ready response to the commands of instinct or intelligence, their amicable community of purpose. Government is not a body of blind forces; it is a body of men, with highly differentiated functions, no doubt, in our modern day of specialization, but with a common task and purpose. Their cooperation is indispensable, their warfare fatal. There can be no successful government without leadership or without the intimate, almost instinctive, coordination of the organs of life and action (pp. 56-57).

Original: garynorth.com/public/12711.cfm


TL;DR: Newton's world is mechanistic, Darwin's evolutionary.


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grandiosity, delusions, 👽 

big write-up on recent NVMe-over-Fabrics stauts:

TCP? meh. right now that's the one with hardware optimization, the "normal" one. but so much meh.

i'd be down for spending a good chunk of my next 2-5 years trying to bootstrap NVMe-over-QUIC or NVMe-over-GenZ. my interest is high enough that i might try, probably not, to submit a chip to the unnamed Google-will-build-your-chips program that's happening, around some very low-speed copy of GenZ with no PHY. but all that i/o stuff seems super up in the air, they're trying to figure it out. seems like the digital synthesis parts would be not bad, but still so much ancillary knowledge that's good, remarkably automated with AI via OpenROAD, but still super short. that's why this is happening though, i feel like; to understand, to hope some do run the gauntlet. i don't think i have the particular commitment to this one, but i would love so much to make a couple chips in my life time.

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getting drop kicked off major social media platform but being able to view it is such a powerful reminder of how critically important & valuable social protocols are & how much i want to go back to these couple projects over there.

but also it's been kind of nice being away. sometimes. it's been a little quiet, too quiet, liek these past two weeks, after landing back at home after travels. but overall it's only a modest FOMO, & more a, who will feed me question. i dont mind replying off-site, out of band to stuff; i can still engage, from afar.

weird feels seeing SpaceX, every time.

neg: i feel very weird about burning so much energy to send up endless amounts of satellites & semi-pointless humans & life-support systems.

positive: i hate so much how ossified & useless big industry seems to be, how slow iteration comes, endless planning & so little space & time for the doers.

neg: taking the work of a nation into private hands seems enormously tragic & pathetic, no matter the consolation prize.

positive: caring about the bottom line, about good work, about lifetime costs & re-use

positive: this here is a methane rocket engine which is carbon neutral

negative: this here is a vacuum engine, where there aint much environment to pollute

anyhow, here's a relay from @SpaceX@twitter.com with pretty pictures of a new Raptor Vacuum rocket engine going ham, cause damn that's a crap ton of energy humanity has figured out how to kick out on the "this end down" side,

i really want some muji like tech to make a comeback but MUC's in are (cw: mean, opinion) bad. i'm hoping someday someone (possibly myself if i have time/need) rebuilds the muji work atop xep-0369 mix chat rooms, which are a much better much less kludgy much more standards-rehusing way of making a room like thing that has activity & things in it.

ideally embedding some colibri like relays as participants in the room is an easy-ish extra to throw in, to allow flexible data architectures beyond straight p2p.

@leip4Ier react has been many different things over the year. hooks was a mind blowing second major opus, a re-evaluation of the re-evaluation, radically simpler/more-direct yet again from what the simpler/more-direct react they had been & had iterated on for a while.

would not be surprised to see Vue figure it out better. Vue, unlike react, preserved some of the ideas of "data-binding" that were on everyone's mind right before React took over & reset the game. the web spent 2008-2012 deeply embroiled in data binding, in tracing changes in data through & sensibly updating dependents, but once react hit that all faded & we were pushing data down from the top. it's not called data-binding in Vue, but Vue's "reactivity", which is now it's own package in Vue3, very much embodies the spirit & ideals we the web were chasing circa 2010. and all in all, sometimes it's hard to tell what triggers what, but the wins are sooo big. good/great basis from which to start hooks/composition.

dear massive muffuletta from one of the rare few bodega like places in dc, that's a short block away: i love you, you are beautiful, amazing, & tasty. i just love so much when you pay a decent but not high price for food & get a massive-bordering-colossal delightful bit of food.

things are getting serious? ssd with dual 25Gbps ethernet from Kioxia. RoCEv2 (rdma over converged ethernet) for making access look & feel local/native, if not quite as fast.

these days i kind of hope desperately we get smaller scale interconnects for disaggregation, i'm really praying for very very hard to become a thing because it's the most flexible architecture, non-coherent, peer-to-peer not controller/peripheral. my feel is that the hardware cost complexity is just way lower, that this is a Good System we can all build really creative multi-system architecture around.

but in general i'm super happy to see some disaggregated system building wins. i don't know who this system caters to. frankly i don't expect it to compete particularly well on cost versus building some storage systems, such as the ASRock 1U I linked, but over time we have to learn this, & especially if we can loop in enthusiasts & hobbyists & make accessible this flexible tech.

“I am convinced that men hate each other because they fear each other. They fear each other because they don’t know each other, and they don’t know each other because they don’t communicate with each other, and they don’t communicate with each other because they are separated from each other”

― Martin Luther King, Jr.

i have one friend who i can hash it up with over the fate of the noosphere, the internet, onlineness, the web. we talked for the first time in ~3 months yesterday.

alive people are awesome. it's so good having someone i respect & who is engaged & who has seen some of my chaotic excited self. they also have a totally baller bleeding edge project that came together far better than i could have hoped.

1U, 10x NVMe with pcie v4. 40x pcie lanes. Frankly it's not even fancy. CPU & some slots (1/3rd of the pcie lanes). But wow. 80GBps.

My word. That's quad channel ddr4-3000 speeds.

Sort of feel resentment to other vendors who keep making one or two drive slots NVMe while leaving the rest SATA only. So very little is needed to allow NVMe drives. Mostly just a different plug. I guess that itself does complicate? Some?

meanspirited griping against loud cars 

just a reminder that the team is building , which is a plan to more or less dynamite the web & turn the browser into a new way to push pixels into people's faces.

no more user extensions. no more common accessibility tools. no more user-scripts. no more save page. it's not the web: your browser is just a moving picture show doing what the app-builder wants & you get nothing beyond that.

overall my general happiness with google & the web is remarkably high & i thank the stars so many dedicated, talented engineers get to work to improve the web there. but wow, the flutter team is quietly, in the background, building the highest possible grade poison they can, to ignore every line of normal, good behavior & respect we have, so that they can treat the web as nothing but an incidental target that happens to run their application code. CanvasKit is such an incredibly hostile weapon against information online. please, please please please, stop.

in many ways i think oss is the only candidate to play the bigger game, to reassess at a meta level what tech is, & how we can present it.

yet oss keeps waging war vs conventional software via conventional means.

(from a text convo tonight)

the two most important connectivity/online virtues i want to explore,

1. local connectivity, being able to open ourselves up to those around us & radiate our messages. an ambient connectivity.

2. persistent resources, which can be used online, even when the origins they originate from are offline, such that the digital object itself can survive & thrive online, even without a connection home

i tuned in to a party of 3 playing Dungeon of the Endless last night & it was such a ball. the game is incredible, opening doors of the dungeon out & out, finding treasures & allies & vast hordes of monsters that march at you. seeing it played multiplayer was a blast.

the star of the show was of course the misbehaving wild woman triggering un-planned un-discussed mayhem for the adventurers. much more fun having a poorly behaved party & total lack of planning.

it did really make me want to get into multi-player streaming. i've wanted to host some cloud gaming seats myself, & to integrate it with streaming. it was a good reminder last night of how great playing together is, how nice & lofty this goal is.

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