intel will have a gpu on shelves in 2022 & i am not sure any amd gpus of real note (including 2020's 6900 & 6800, much less anything new) will be purchaseable for yet another year.

wild. i adore amd but they have been abandoning their value proposition & pushing prices up & up. the bifurcated serdes (pcie/sata) was good but amd has been at follow up, no usb4, no thunderbolt, no 25gbe, no new lanes for desktop, no more.memory bandwidth.

intel has always been way wider focused, as an ultra huge company can be. now with apple about to transition from shaming the everloving hell out of the entire monile segment to making a mockery of the shit poor unmotivated do nothing shit desktop market, it's not amd i feel like i can rely on to re-compete, to see the bigger picture. we need ram bandwidth, we need io throughput, stat. the cores no longer are prime.

still missing is everything down market. under $300 systems are still doing jack all to improve. arm isnt helping. no one's done anything

@snowden universal basic income, public grants for open source, and an emphasis on general systems research to re-enlighten a forgetting, lost, darkening world.

wasted 40 minutes rooting around fruitlessly to try to pick a venue, food, & drinks. i'd really like to find something semi social to hit up while having a bite to eat or a drink. actually i also want to break out the laptop too but i want to feel like im out & about. have a solid chamce of a random encounter.

the cafe today was a great decision. of course the work laptop at home had a random reset like it does sometimes & so i didnt get the work i was planning done. and then folks cancelled plans. it was shitty actually. but i kept working & got my upnp-igd crap finally over the hump. i was ok, if somewhat miserable & feeling abandoned.

now im just hungry as shit & unable to make a basic pick. there's so many good ones. i have a bike- just getting on it & pedalling around until i stop is a very legit plan. in part i fear i end up somewhere too typical for me. huge amount of choices in my repetoir but still the tiniest fractuon of whats about. and what oh what may be social?

kind of unimpressed with how folk are behaving at X and doing my thing, trying to grow, make myself better, do my own thing is once again the only path that really comes to mind but i've been on this path for many decades already.

there's both a lot of actor model projects for the web

but also no where near enough. not remotely anywhere near a half decent start.

crud was gonna go coffee shop it up for a bit... still time. sort of. if i leave now. i can leave now.

so much sports going on. sat outside at a bar, ranks of people inside watching games. walking around, there's so many sports on tvs in the houses.

did some Debian dev & ran into some perl & once again reminded how very very nice it is having a programming language which really puts shell scripting at a high priority. perl's difficult, but being able to run some system executables & do stuff with the output is so slick & elegant.

anyhow, re-found a project i ran into a couple weeks ago, ZX, which is a very slick script runner & standard library atop node.js. look at this sweet example!:
let serve = $`npx serve`
for await (let chunk of serve.stdout) {
if (chunk.includes('Accepting connections')) break

getting there! could have sworn i'd posted about using tools like curl over using another http client library recently here but can't find it. related. ah well.

oof this 6s battery was 16.9 volts/26.2v max. loowww. one of the cells in particular was way way low. 2.5v/4.2v after unbalanced charging the pack to 19v, & then plugging in the balancer.

ok not sure how many humans will be here but we got an instance for duking some shit out up

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this module is in part a toolkit to generate a module, it's output.

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writing stupid class generation code again & uninspired because it's stupid. sucks a lot that esm dont have any dynamic exports. i should start a stage0 just to instigate & tell es it sucks & should improve.

ugh Dreadnought queueing at 10m and no sign of progress. my one slow paced blasterfest, possibly really too low population to go.

really sucks. another really really great game going ever more quasi inactive.

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shame on google for never ever ever supporting http transport, and making grpc a really good inside the firewall protocol they use everywhere, but utterly shit rubbish and crap for the web at large.

what a shit show. the browser never got good at http2. the asshole prickwads at the reigns want to spin down, de-enable the browser further. it's not grpcs fault. but what the fuck grpc? how did your entire contigency of techies never ever see fit to ask for more? why was it ok with you that you had this great, functional, competent http2 system, with bidirectional streams aplenty, but none of ya'll ever thought- the web should be ok at http2 too? ya'll just scratching your own itch? no real care for the ecosystem? what a fucked up industrial software toxic wasteland this lack of care has created. grpc continues to be good, and grpc-web continues to be a shit monster, something that ought to be, but can't, because none of ya'll ever had the faintest set of principles to work by. frelling industrial bullshit.

i'd really like some fun multiplayer gaming to try but nearly everything sucks & is ass backwards. just because im not great doesnt mean i should be unable to have fun maybe instigate some shit.

man, it was over a decade ago that i shipped a colo mid tower to a datacenter, & it had a radeon hd4850 in it. extra ram model- cant remember whether that was 1gb or 2. sibgle slot sapphire solution. do i have the model right? that sounds big. but it was a pretty mild gpu. i wamted some cloud gaming, cloud 3d. i made it no where.

webrtc has a ton of potential today but still a.lot of emerging tech. thankfully pipewire. just got better. but gstreamer & the webrtc libs- go's pion, others- they can do pipewire. byt most examples are oldstuff.

one thing thats sat with me is a project that used datachannels instead of webrtc tracks. because it let them do ehstever, convert at each end into media. this is extra fancy, maybe possibly latency saving. so many other basics & not really a for sure confirmed win anyways. just gotta get started.

meamwhile wayvnc & others are just trying to get started with h264. this is all a field of new potential for us all.

im probably one of a dozen people on the planet who've tried this. to do: measure monitor power consumption. i can maybe get a couple hours monitor usable out lf my power bank.

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monitorn& laptop being powered by the same dual-port usb-c power supply. courtesy of a 20v usb-c to dc barrel jack cable.

the monitor can kind of sort of give the laptop a 10w charge but seemingly not stably: usually enough juice to power the laptop, but barely. so i have power to both laptop and monitor then a cable from laptop to monitor.

it's probably like 66% of mornings that i wake up and at some point am convinced i'm going to call in late or call out.

it's not to my credit but i almost every time end up just signing in for standup & making some kind of a go at it.

i have a hard time imagining anything android could do that would be really exciting. today's android 12 felt like a bunch of little updates. in the Pixel6 talk-up, the only software stuff was "more ai" so the phone can know this or that. i find it so boring, so anti-known. it's the opposite of the tech i want.

android like so many other OSes has seceeded a huge amount of turf to apps. what the os is, what it gets used for, is tiny, nearly irrelevant. this, imo, is a critical mistake that consumer OSes have been repeating for decades now: evaporation, letting the cloud services the user accesses become the fore, having no extensible core experience that can be built out & elaborated.

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