bitcoin/crypto is a possible seed, possible underpinning for beginning a more unlimited next thing, for amplifying possibility & freeing us.

but almost all the emphasis has been in owning & generating artifical.scarcity. souless vile villiany. of bad nature.

at least let us remember, a little bit, that some of this tech is neutral. that bad motives & cooption & control & profit came to dominate. that thinking of going further, emboldening possibility fell off.

but mostly, lets try to get to some real & good p2p & distributed. focus in the good, on what we value, on what we want.

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distributed & interconnected ideas deserved a real chance but these posers have been sucking way too much of the oxygen out of the room for way too long. they are so far apart from what need need, from what interconnection we really need to forge.

i do think there may be some place for setting up identities on bug global replicated blockchains. that we can resist vulgar petty lowlife nation state meddling by sharing- permissionlessly- some core identities (keys). but all the content, all the activity can be off the chain. needs none of these elaborate & endless follies.

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there's a shit ton of bashing the crypto miniverse right now, as it contracts, just so many people pissing on this scene. i am not generally opposed.

the vaccuous sucking hollowness of proof of work, the ever escallating superficial valuations, all of it is gross, but not too far apart from the rest of the real world, to me. it hasnt been good, it has some pretty gross tendencies & bigger ecological footprint than is sane, but there's some discernable no-permissions-asked global-database pretense i still think is interesting, has justifiable allure, just, at way way more deliberate scope than this shit show. mostly i just dont fault people for their follies. we all are wrong often.

mostly i think the trash talking is kind of deserved. but specifically the one relief i feel here that i havent seen echoed: thank god, because i am so sick of distributed & p2p being monopolized by authoritarian globalizing forces. needing to buy in to consensus to participate in "distributed" is ironical in a sick way.

reminde to self, you got threatened very heavily by a mod for your posting and this is not a home, this is a ticking time bomb & hostile teritory.

i've been so so slow about setting up the new home kunernetes instance, with rook/ceph. hardware is turned on in the garrett but k3s was giving me problems, specifying node and kubelet tokens seems broken. i can avoid the problem but want to file a ticket but it's been over a month now... tick tick, another month, another month. fucking life, just terrible, like wh40k there's no momemts for pause.

jfc w40k: chaosgate: daemongate is fucking brutal. there's an xcom style.eye-on-the-prize objective seeking that is so so key, but damn, there's warp & bloom escallating, shit is actively going titanically bad, and for the first couple months your knights heal extremely extremely slowly.

in each map you can heal back up to full, but there is so much pressure, things are getting so much worse so fast that there's rarely time to heal.

i cant imagine hardcore mode. this game is entirely about cheesing, about reloading, about optimizing your hits, picking your battles intensely carefully. it's thrilling but tiring, unrelenting in extreme.

i wish i could share some of my dumb gaming habits, capture them. had a self platform to statt to share.

will i eber build game ai? will i ever toy with game scripting automation? there's soamy low simple stupid steps i could be taking, to just telling systems what data to track & read, how, across what screens. just read, just capture. start, fuck you, you fucking nowhere man, start. read!

and stream. start sharing. start exploring in public. make your experinces open.

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persisting my remarkable tablet reading history- more small shit.

go bigger though. start tracking mana/quintessence. carry water. find/attribute/score meaning.

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there are wheels within wheels designs within designs here. the objective is at least meaningful but the technics- this is how what i have done finally can get some proving.

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just being able to close all these browser tabs, have them stored would be a major quality lf life upgrade.

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i have rebuilt my debian system image buding, because multistrap died. i have radically emhanced/updated my ansible scripts because my old ansoble version wanted python2 executors & that was no longer feasible. i have worked on getting k3s cluster going. but none of this itself consitutes the good fight. it's all pre-reqs, precursors. boring. yes i need rook/ceph. but none of this is the thing.

yes i finally started doing ok with es temporal after bouncing off woth the imho obnoxious core-js hard to use polyfills. still, pieces, not the thing.

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this year is not really so far away from half done and fuck, i have struggled & worked but hot damn is there not a lot on my ticket, in the things i really care about department.

14200 spins around the earthship.

crimped ethernet cables for the first time in many spins around.

i could rant about how mods have no accountability, how there's no record of what moderation looks like, no way to judge the moderators or what a community one enters into is like.

i made a deal with shitty aspirited prats, people far below my caliber. oops. i don't know how i would have known not to come here. it sounded like a good name. but of course it's filled with people who demand niceity, who will drop me for being who i am, eventually. who insist we all get along & never hurt anothers feelings.

i'd wanted jwk to be a shining self, a radiant & noble creation. but i lost my other outlets, my other avenues. and i run across some shit & want to decry, want to tell people to stop wallowing in filth, in patheticness. this account lost it's valiant intent. i might have been ok with this strict contract, this gloves on reality, had i other outlets. but i will pull up anchor & search out new lands. fuck this acursed shitlands; i will not dwell in a place sure to kill me.

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got my 1 and only strike on and fuck this noise. i will not be threatened like this for one post where i fucked up a bit.

humans need a right to fuck up. forgivenance has to be built in. don't do it again is not a policy which is survivable. we will fuck up. i will fuck up. i'm not going to live with a shorttempered heartless shrivelled shit dangling a sword over my head, waiting for it to fall.

fediervse has some real fucking problems. all these systems, where anyone's identity can be withdrawn: they are fucked up. this is so not ok. fuck this fuck nightpool (the mod) fuck mastodon. what a fucked up situation. fuck nightpool. fuck this hellhole world where the only god damned moderation that exists is banning people. not nightpools fault we are all useless awful incapable of helping ourselves build ok online community. but fuck him for dropping the atom bomb so quickly, so readily. fuck, go die.

i was really looking forward to finishing travel from one relatives to anothers & having a beverage & playing some braindead video games (Humankind) via steam remote play but the game fucked up, is stalled, i cant kill it. i can sometimes run other games but they usually dont respond. my laptop has a funky resolution & maybe that's why maybe it's this other hung game maybe aomething else but other vames also launch 640x480.

steams done a lot of good advancing things but imo a fine capital example that "commercial software must die". awful fucking shit. what a failure. no remediation possible. numerous threads begging for closing remote stream software, & there is... if the stream is open, connected. but i cant fully reconnect to this stalled shit. everything is shit. it's all broken. i get back home mid week but i really detest that remote play fucked up so epicly bad.

"always priced to the stars"

it just sucks so much how good/powerful/interesting tech keeps being marketed as ultra-premium levels ("flagship") and rarely has the chance to work it's way downmarket at all. good things never happen: always priced to the stars.

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it's been 10 years can we please try wigig/802.11ad again?

happy 1 year to Facebook SuperCell. from what i can tell, 5g has near zero benefit to the developing world, to expanding access: it's almost purely a power play for more data for the already connected. from my view here, a lot of the world wont be served by copper/optical/wired connectivity for a good number of decades, so, to me, the main question of our times is how we make wireless better, how we expand our reach: that is the most interesting question. how do we empower folks to get connecting. and Facebook did the research. they looked, they tried, they found a very nice sweet spot, found some new optimums.
> we determined that a single SuperCell could replace 15 to 25 traditional macrocells, or hundreds of small cells, to provide coverage to the same number of people;

shenzen i/o 2: you have to program shaders and build a game you can play though at the very end and then you're fired

software is a black box
and society is trapped inside

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