Still using Firefox to this day, much prefer it to Chrome.

I should have mentioned the last of Cast support, which still sucks - though I've learned just to not use it by now.

Big exciting stuff: @CobaltVelvet of hosting service #Maastodon needs to share the workload, is interested in making it a cooperative/transferring responsibility to us!

Share thoughts:

There is also a planned group chat, weigh in on what time is best for you:

If you are not a member but would be interested in joining a co-op tech team, consider getting involved! Please boost for visibility~

Mastodon has set my eyes on Ruby - certainly looks interesting.

When I finally get relieved of imminent exams + endless preparations, I will definitely give it the proper going over it deserves (unless it doesn't, and then.. it didn't deserve such treatment I guess)

Webdevs also tend to care more about DX (developer experience) than UX. Hence frameworks compete on DX, not UX.

I see a lot of devs who are experts in the "Angular way" or "React way" of doing things, and can spout off mantras about monads and pure functions and who-knows-what, and yet they don't really know what requestAnimationFrame is or how not to block browser scrolling.

It's like everybody knows how to build a beautiful sparkling tower, but nobody knows how to build a solid foundation.

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Still using Firefox - congratulations Mozilla!

My only 'issues' with it thus far is:

- no lastpass plugin (plugin doesn't support quantum yet)
- teaching it all of sites I use

My Jenkins seems to be broken, the perfect time to try some new things out :D

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On that is just awesome! There is a Firefox Developer Edition with some sick features -

/me <3 Mozilla

Indeed it is.

I haven't used Firefox on the regular in about 10 years. I love Chrome, but Firefox has pulled out the big guns now.

I've heard complaints on the UI - clearly they haven't used it, because its sexy af!

Yes, there are a few issues regarding missing plugins - but I could rather easily just remake them myself, or wait for someone else to. I think I'll choose the latter :p

p.s. enable the dark theme <3

The other thing, that bothers me is over-complex server setups - there is really no need.

I don't mind making adjustments to Waterfall to accustom for some of these, when they are possible without massive underlying changes.


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Currently toying around making a PCB.

We made a circuit model, all exported to formats ready for a PCB Engraver. Sadly the software was misplaced. We'll be back on this - soon.

We'll try a single board, make our adjustments, and probably make a few boards.

Honestly, we're just winging it - as usual :p

I saw that IBM had transferred OpenJ9 to the Eclipse Foundation earlier - awesome.

OpenJ9 actually looks to be a rather good JVM. Especially for people like me, running so-so systems to host web properties.

I might give it a go, using it for my Jenkins instance. Maybe I'll be able to make the strain from Jenkins just a tad bit more bearable.

Maybe it'll grow on me - but I'm not sure what I think about var in Java.

1. It's incomplete without val - I use final fields (local, or otherwise) all the time - although nobody wants Java to become Kotlin (well maybe capitalthree :p)

2. It's going to require more analysis on behalf of the IDE - and support might be dodgy for a while. (also, nobody wants IDEA to be any slower to import projects)

3. This is going to be used inconsistently by new Java devs coming from Javascript :(

Tired of network admins not understanding that not all stacktraces are bad -_- (they can be useful for debug information, in non-crashy situations)

I'll see if I can make it clearer that its not a crash, else back to BungeeCord behaviour.



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