Self-hosted Mastodon Instance Diary, entry 1:

My timeline has a protector to guard me from the bad posts

Me: "While I very much like the Unix philosophy and style of working, I believe that such things are merely means to an end, ergo I am fine with the systemd suite and pulseaudio."

Also me: "God fucking damnit Poettering I have sacrificed my first-born for systemd to stop halting my shutdown by running stop jobs that take 5 minutes, what more do you need"

Lowkey wishing I was popular enough to be subtooted about

surely silicon valley would have learned a lesson after juicero, but no, we're still on the verge of getting smart bins and smart drink stands.

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if my parents think they are disappointed in me now, wait until they hear of my plans to harness primordial eldritch powers to transform myself into a catboy

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this is a load-bearing post. boost it so that your TL doesn't collapse

I am not the only one who doesn't use Spotify - and in fact quite dislike it - am I? Am I out of touch with something?

why is everyone here so funny? where did you all get your jokes from, were they handing them out at some point? was there a memo? please tell me what a jorts is

Artificial Intelligence rights is spoon-feeding your laptop porridge

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Me: :blobpensiveleft:
Anybody on this blessed fediverse: *so much as glances at a post I make*
Me: :blobaww:

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I'm having fun with this. Will prolly migrate in a day or two after I make a new avi/figure out some things

"Mum, dad, how did you meet?"

"Dear, we met on the live chat of the 'lofi hip hop mix - beats to relax/study to' YouTube stream"

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