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Eugen was punished by the gods for giving the gift of fediverse to man. He was cast into the bowels of the earth and pecked by journalists.

My Valentine was the APT Package Manager

Happy Valentines Day to you all. Hopefully, you can find more happiness and solidarity than I can.

Diverse video game character:

Gamer: "Wow, WOW, I do NOT care about this, it DOESN'T impact GAMEPLAY, keep politics OUT OF MY GAME. Look how much I don't care, everyone. Don't hinder me from playing my game. I do NOT CARE. I'm not offended, YOU ARE."

Back to Debian on my desktop.
Super excited for Buster to become the new stable.

Debian starts their soft freeze for Buster today. I wish them well, I'm excited for Buster!

great, I forgot to buy counter strike source. now my whole room is the black-and-purple missing texture pattern.

What your Linux distribution says about you!

Ubuntu: Your parents dote over you. You love it.

Debian: You have a nuclear fallout bunker in your back yard.

Fedora: Your parents have money. You love it.

Arch: You ride your bicycle without a helmet on.

Gentoo: You derive pleasure from assembling IKEA furniture.

Linux From Scratch: You have escaped prison using nothing but a rusty shank that you made out of the metal you scraped off of the cell bars.

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inhaled a monsanto seed while working on the farm and i just took a shit that broke like four copyright laws

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who even is richard stallman? why is he trying to take credit for open source software? open source was invented by linux torvalds

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redistribute the banana hoard you bastard ape

I walked past somebody with an Apple logo sticker in the corner of their Apple laptop, which already has the Apple logo in the middle of it.

What is life

Debian GNU/Linux: Modern Problems Require Less-Than-Modern Solutions

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