I bought a 3D printer to make some cases for my electronic projects. I ended up printing Klein Bottles instead.

I'm enjoying a lot reviewing C after all these years. I really like its simplicity, something I didn't appreciate when I was learning it for first time.

I've been playing with some baremetal stuff and man its cool.

I remember trying to run AAA games on linux years ago and it was a pain. Nowadays steam makes it too easy. My productivity down the toilet.

Really easy to read the battery voltage using SAADC with the nrf52832_hal. Its literally a couple lines of code.

I made a svg motif for one of the corners of my new personal website. Now I just need to figure out how to style it with css

Celeste short gameplay animation 

I spent the weekend playing Celeste, what a game! This is a short video I took after dying like 700 times there.

Today I woke up very early, around 4am and decided to use the levain I was preparing the previous day to make some sourdough bread.

I made two loaves, gave them 5h of fermentation before proofing and 3h of fermentation after proofing. The second loaf received an extra hour of fermentation while the first one was baking.

The first one got very stuck to the proofing basket and while getting it out I messed up the raising a bit. The taste was good, very soft sourness & a bit nutty and excellent crust. But it was appreciable that the crumb was not homogeneous because of the incident by the end of the proofing period.

The second loaf also got a bit stuck, but seems to be going much better. Its still on the oven.


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