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In my pines (2/2) 

Your pretty eyes saw an unpleasent end
In these pines I call my home
Rest your head free from that nightmare
We are jealious with our kind

My girl, my girl, where will you go
We're going where the cold wind blows.
In the pines, in the pines
Where the green sun shines
I would give her the whole night too~

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In my pines (1/2) 

Little girl, little girl, don't lie to me
Tell me where did you sleep last night
I stayed in the pines where the sun never shines
And I shivered the whole night through.

Little girl, little girl, come here don't go
Keep me warm where the cold wind blows
I'll guard your dreams if you stay close to me
For I'd shiver the whole night through.

Protip: The masks we wear give a semblance of continuity to the swirling eddies of chaos that underlie our experiences. This is a quick way to get extra points.

You know that old saying about staring into the abyss and it staring back?
It's not true. Stop.
Staring is rude.

In which Ira reluctantly plays the voice of reason. 

You may be right, but you are making messes you don't have to clean up.

"Your she-goats will bear triplets, your ewes twins,
your donkey under burden will overtake the mule,
your steed at the chariot will be bristling to gallop,
your ax at the yoke will have no match."
Ishtar on The Blockchain.

Kinky, plural 

It's good to have a headmate with some basic medical training. Makes the sudden urges to bite my friends seem safer.

Tozen At Lowes:
Tozen was smashing flower pots at Lowes when his student, a store clerk, approaches in agitation.
"Tozen! Why are you destroying these pots?"
The master shook his head.
"I have destroyed nothing. The void which constitutes the pot still remains."
The student-clerk was incredulous
"I do not see this void."
Tozen smiled "Look around you."
The clerk did as he was told.
When he looked back to Tozen he saw nothing, and was enlightened.

General World Affairs (Not the sexy kind~), Toys mention (The sexy kind!) 

Some days I realise that nothing I do in life could possibly measure to the amount of fuckitude already being done in the world.
Gentlefolk, I truly am outmatched as a force of chaos and discord.
*le sigh*
Oh well.
At least Godess got me tentacle dildo~

Is livetooting a thing here? Because I'm about to watch this trainwreck and I may have opinions to share.

As an introduction I mostly draw spooky #pixelart goobers like this guy: For various #gamedev projects and sometimes for fun, usually a bit of both.

#introductions I'm a user freedom / network freedom activist who works on standards, including being co-editor of ActivityPub, which you are probably communicating over now!

Bunch of other stuff but today I'm too lazy

Well well,
Looks like we get free reign of the flesh-form tonight~
Might even forgive the headmate for dropping the ball getting us new lovely art. He's hopeless I swear 💖

How has the last 24 hour chunk treated you?

Self-care checklist 

Take your meds
Eat some food
Drink some water
Take a shower or bath
Get some sleep
Talk to a friend
Pet an animal (if you like to)
Hug someone you care about (if you like to)

You can also follow this cool guide:

Remember in these times of grief that it's absolutely okay to make normal posts.

A lot of people are mourning today, and for many of those people, this is a space they come to for positive interactions. This space may be part of someone's self care plan.

I encourage you to post as you need and want to today, and if you have the spoons, interact with others even more than you normally do.

Tragedy in a community reinforces the importance of community. Let's all care for one another together. ♥️


A traveler has found the end of one road and the beginning of another. Walk the unknown for us, @tipsytentacle , so that when our time comes the path will be familiar and warm. When death asks you how you lived, answer death with pride:
You lived well, and you lived gaily.
Go with love past the veil.

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