I wonder how flammable chocolate is.
Its got a lot of fat content doesn't it?

We awaken~
The royal we, sweeties. This isn't a kinkpost.

Did you know: @Irick and @Draekos are drunk on a couch with two additional cuties.


Plural Things~ 

My radical praxis is now to attribute every creative work to the anima mundi.
Eat my collective unconscious אהיה~

Dom, Ominous 

Please, stand by.
Please, stand by.
Please, stand by.

We feel pretty great today.
Considering havok later... Tomorrow we get to play with high powered lasers~
Lasers are always such a creative outlet.

Fun fact: The Bees are aware of your sins.
Source: Dated a Bee.

In my pines (2/2) 

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In my pines (1/2) 

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