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skeletons having the sex but also living their best life 


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selfie, ec 

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I'm feeling like creating some more gender binaries and you can't stop me. Keep in mind that all of these WHOLLy contradict eachother.

Lonely gas station vs auttumnul weather
Cracked snow globe vs cicadas
The French language vs your mother's disappoint
12 dogs vs a scroll painting
A bag of marbes vs a gown made of cobweb
Handshakes vs a perfect sphere
A distant nebula vs fear of failiure
Your apartment vs an unopened letter

grrr i shouldn't have to install build-essential to run your shitty software >:( compile it for your users >:(

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installation questions. I'm using the OTP release build (the one that /ostensibly/ doesn't require Elixir to be installed)

It's asking me to run `mix ecto.create` because the database migrations table doesn't exist. But I can't run mix because

A) I don't have Elixir installed.
B) If I *had* Elixir installed, the `mix` command should be run in a directory with a `mix.exs` file, and I don't have a single file with that name on my system.

What should I do? :boost_ok:

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you could literally make a movie about the history of the board game Monopoly, and I wish someone would.

It was deliberately made to teach people anti-capitalism, the inventor was screwed out of millions, and it lives on today as capitalist propaganda.

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becoming a reply guy accelerationist by mentioning that i use windows literally any time i post about using my computer

Guess my mute didn't work but I don't mind 🤔

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sticking a bundle of uncooked spaghetti noodles up my ass to own the italians

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the cia killed trump because he was collaborating with putin to make america communist again

shame that this entire thread devolved into name-calling. Was hoping for respectful discussion. As for my conclusions, for whatever they're worth, I will be tentatively setting up a pleroma instance. If that causes significant issues for me or if the situation gets worse I will reevaluate at that point. Hope y'all can still be my friend and respect me for my decision =)

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@brainblasted @io Sorry to reply to this thread, especially after the terrible experiences you have had, but would it be ok to ask you to detail the experiences you've had with the Pleroma team? All the information I can find is second or third hand, I don't disbelieve it, I'd just like a better idea of what happened?

It's ok to say no. And I'm sorry that some people here have been horrible to you.
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hot take chat apps should not replace emotes with emojes because they hit way different

<3 and ❤️ aren't the same thing

:) and 😃 aren't the same thing


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