The Pretty Eight Machine shirts finally came in and I've got a lot to send out. If you got one, thanks for being patient.

Here's two rounds of shipping and what the design looks like on the shirts (the fabric is a bit brighter because warehouse photo).

There will be some leftovers that will end up on my bandcamp and/or at shows. Stay my friends.

Are there a lot of metalheads in Indiana? We're driving through and the roads here are teaching me to headbang again

If the King ends up following the Queen on currency in British-influenced countries, my money's on calling them Chuck Bucks.

About to head out to VCF MidWest! I'll be hocking CDs and Pretty Eight Machine vinyl in with nocturnalplant.

We're also accepting donations to take back to Bloop Museum at the show! Bring us your electronic entertainment junk!

You've played Bubble Bobble and Puzzle Bobble, now get ready for

Confirmed: All colors and sizes are out of production hell. The order has been placed. My card has been charged for a large sum of money. Pretty Eight Machine shirts are locked in at the printers.

Also I'm poor again and it's Friday so hey uh if you wanna support a broke-ass dude...

My friend and housemates were in a housefire and they're in need of anything from bedding to clothes to food. I was once in a housefire and I'm heartbroken reading about her struggle. But I don't really have anything to give. We finally got her to share her venmo. Help if you can

Success! I [am pretty sure I] finally have Pretty Eight Machine shirts out of production hell. I am looking at an invoice where I can play with order numbers and pay. If you have any interest in one, this is the final final last call for one, and terribly sorry for the wait

someone responded "other" yesterday and didn't specify an instance 😛

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I've decided not to jump on or (nothing against either of them), which leaves me with these. Let's put it to a vote! Where do you think I'd fare better?

recently saw the announcement that is retiring.

where's the best instance for nerds that will appreciate , , , , and stuff?

oh and the occasional weird drink, food, skyshot, or ramble.

I have a bunch of Sega games from Australia that have a NIAL sticker on the box. Anyone know what it stands for? Here are two separate boxes.

Hit up a cool game chain called Just Press Play with nocturnalplant today - all four stores are now well-stocked with CDs and vinyl so if you're near Lancaster or York check them out!

Also for good measure, a off the Susquehanna River on our way home

"I sure miss Facebook", said absolutely nobody on Mastodon

Image CW: Actual Facebook ad

I've been a little quiet.

Working on getting shirts in order (two colors still on backorder).

Several data recovery jobs for the museum. Not that they pay but they need to be done. Also need to clean up a bunch of bylaw paperwork.

Listening to Alessandro Cortini on Bandcamp while I try to stay sane.

Had an excellent @hopeconf this weekend. Hope nobody had an Emergens, or if they did, it was a positive experience. Thanks to everyone who supported @nocturnalplant and I by picking up our music!

Favorite quote of the weekend: "I'm just glad to be around people who read."

Currently enjoying the hell out of the hackers in media talk in Little Theater at @hopeconf - Come on over and stay for my talk at 10pm!

Running into lots of friends at @hopeconf! Feels good, man

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