I took this photo with a potato in a moving car, but I still think the moon-in-clouds horror movie aesthetic is there enough to appreciate.

Yo! It's today.

You probably already know how this works. Musicians get 100% of the take from each sale after payment processing. This is currently the last scheduled friday, so some people are worried there won't be any more, but that doesn't really affect you. I'm just an and and I'd just like your support.

If you're into , , , in general.... or , some of my beeps and boops might be relevant. Please give me a look! Sorry about the hashtag swarm! Discovery! 😅


This is probably the wrong time to shout this from the mountaintops, but Revision is now streaming using CCC's feed at:


Be sure to catch the next stream!

It's a nice Sunday to shout out some of the work I do for Bloop Museum. Here I am cleaning adhesive almost as old as I am off of an old CRT enclosure.

Check out the museum: bloopmuseum.com/

(scroll past the Patreon stuff for some more pictures of the place)

While I'm working on getting myself in order over here, I figure sharing some stuff is probably in order. This video is a little on the old side but at least you can see the software and hardware working:



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