Mini Heat Wave has killed my rooftop AC. What are folks using these days? I barely have 960 ft³ to cool.

As the sun sets in Baltimore today, you can see a haze of pollen as if it is fog. Stay inside if you've got allergies!

Anyone doing anything fun or nerdy this weekend?

Anyone want one of these?

I did a album called Pretty Eight Machine once upon a time, and did some shirts. I ran out twice. Now I'm reprinting them.

DM me (or go to my , hit "contact" in the lower right), and tell me shirt size (including unisex or ladies cut), color preference, and shipping address. If you can commit to $25+postage (that'll basically be $35 in the US), I can get you one.

Help me stay and writing - spread the word if you can!

Musicians, how often (or how many times) do you start over on verses or hooks when you're on a stumper track that doesn't want to go anywhere?

This isn't a @NanoRaptor edit, just the best keyboard for online chat in the 90s


While at VCF East we rescued a bumblebee from air conditioner land and returned it to the land of pollenation, and we also made friends with the local groundhog.

Before joining Mastodon had you participated or were active on BBS (dial-up) or forums (vBulletin style) in the past?

Boosts are appreciated for better sample sizes.

Y'all have certainly heard of the Atari game Centipede, right? My partner is incredibly good at it. Look at this cutie!

Hit the Baltimore Aquarium recently. The jellies are always a great reminder that aliens are already here on earth. Also, a funny bonus poster.

Welcome to Mastodon, Twitter refugees, and thanks for the follow! This space might get a bit more lively depending on what happens over there. Let me know how things are going, and stay in touch! I appreciate y'all.

I need to commission two very short intros, one and one modern. Simple themes. Anyone available?

The Bloop Museum (which I help run) is the official US Satellite / watch party, just north of Baltimore. If you're in the area and want to get your fix, won't you join us?

Please help me spread the word about this, and forgive the hashtag-o-rama:

One of my superpowers is rejuvenating pizza that is nearly two weeks old

In reaching out to people on the interwebs as a musician, there are various things I might want to say in a post/toot/ping/etc like f*ndrais*, k**ksta**er, or p*tr*on. You know, stuff that helps me get the word out about my work. But I also realise some people might have things like these blocked, muted, etc.

Can you tell me what those might be for you, and help me spread this around a bit so I can get a good varied response?

I keep seeing ads for Panera pizza and I just can't decide whether it's even worth looking into. Has anyone tried it?

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