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The problem with running a personal instance is that your posts hardly get seen, unless people are following you already on it.

Mastodon has a profile redirect feature, but it currently does not work cross platform.

The only way a personal instance is effective is if it's federating, and the fastest way to federate is to have more people! Therefore, welcome to

Registration is now available to the people. I personally toot from @tonic ; and am excited to see you there!

Somebody keeps driving by the mayor's house leaving authentic western horse troughs on his lawn. As a matter of pride he has refused to pick them up, and now wild thirsty horses have been drawn like magnets to the site. The mayor says he can't go outside because these horses eat human meat.

Which direction does your icon face?

Please boost for highest possible demographic :)

Wow, they're already so realistically imitating their human counterparts.

Why the fuck does the Bioshock Infinite soundtrack get my heart strings every time I cannot afford to sob right now


For every EULA you read completely, lose 1D6 SAN points and gain 1 point of Forbidden Lore.

If you merely glance at or skim the EULA, lose 1 SAN point and gain no Forbidden Lore.

If you close your eyes and click Accept without reading, roll 1D6. On a 2 or lower, lose 1 SAN point anyway (you peeked) and gain no Lore. Otherwise, breath a sigh of relief - you have escaped with your mind unscathed, for now - but add one point of Corporate Dark Karma, to be used when the GM chooses.

the y2k bug is my friend and it will protect me from the computers

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They say you can't sleep when someone else is thinking about you.

I hope it's who I wish it is.

Hey Siri, how many calories do I burn running from myself?

Yes hello Monolithic kernels are good thank you for visiting my Ted talk

@dankwraith any sufficiently advanced computation really is indistinguishable from magic πŸ€”

already done with my nano rhyme-o, a tiny poem I wrote that only bugs can read

here it is: .

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