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This detective pikachu thing is an early April fools joke, right?

No better way to make new friends in a new town than by introducing yourself. "Hey, I'm that guy who you thought passed away recently, but I didn't and I'm still on the voter rolls! What was my name again?"

And they'll just tell you! Never let anyone tell you Americans aren't friendly.

Looking forward to hopping in the RV tomorrow and criss-crossing this great nation voting in every town I stop in. No better way to travel!

"In 1963, Giants pitcher Gaylord Perry joked, “They’ll put a man on the moon before I hit a home run.”

On July 20, 1969, just minutes after Apollo 11 made its lunar landing, he hit the first home run of his career."

Ughgg blade runners dialog makes me feel all fuzzy inside

As predicted by many commentators, #CambridgeAnalytica is going to escape punishment because all the people involved simply formed a new (but legally separate) company:

By going after companies and not people, it is very difficult to enforce privacy laws.

This is a familiar pattern that commercial con artists use: run up liabilities with one company, then transfer assets to a new company. If they get caught, they simply do it again, and it's legal.


.png actually stands for "persona non grata" because the background layer is stripped of its diplomatic immunity and sent home by the alpha layer. This is how it enables transparency. It's governmental transparency.

Voight-Kampff test questions for the modern age:

1. You’re at a self-checkout in a busy supermarket. The machine keeps telling you there’s an unidentified item in the bagging area, but there isn’t. How does that make you feel?

2. Your son plays Fortnite all day. You try to get him to play Deus Ex, but he ignores you. He calls it “dumb old crap for losers”. What do you say to him?

Earlier today at my job a guy was showing me how to stack boxes on a cart so they could be loaded onto a truck and out of nowhere he goes "The way that's stacked looks really stable right? That's an illusion. Everything is an illusion."

And then he just. Kept right on going like it was nothing. Are you ok my dude.

This is me and my gang
RT Vintage photo of six skeletons smoking around the dinner table, circa 1865 🎃

I was fooling myself. Shuttle+ does have an equilizer, and it was set to Flat. Which is apparently what I like.

This is weird. Does Shuttle+ have some sort of... different decoder or built in equalizer? Why does my music sound better all of a sudden?

Please tell my I'm fooling myself.

Radio Transmissions are remarkably finnicky and unpredictable. For example, every time my upstairs neighbor takes a shower, my wifi cuts out.

No, really. Every time. Yes, I'm certain that's what's causing it. Some one tell me why, please?

Look at these amazing matchbox designs I’ve stumbled upon

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