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I also once misheard the Groningen anthem broadcast on a pirate station, instead of "ain pronkjewail in golden raand" I thought I heard "ain pruikenval" (made me think of pirate broadcasters using the endstage ventilator to blow any toupées from the heads of Agentschap Telecom officers if they get too near, hence this test text message from Hans de Ruyter, head of wireless services development at PTT Telecom Cigarettestan :grin:

there are a lot of really cool and weird and interesting things out there. i love neat little internet hideaways. so much chaotic creative energy on places like glorious trainwrecks. so much love and supportiveness in some of the discord servers im in. that's the internet i want and the internet that everyone deserves

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“Leaping lesbians, batman! The joker’s bought stock in Tesla!”

Finally got my Mastodon account certified as organic, so into my mouth it goes so I can crack my teeth upon its impenetrable healthy truths.

but can formal programming methods prove why kids love cinnam--

Anyone wanna do me a solid? I need a paper written explaining what plagiarism is and why it’s bad.

I've been using it a couple of weeks and I'm liking the Brutaldon interface for Mastodon a lot.

The slower pace works much better for me.  I recommend trying it if you're like me and your attention and time is easily stolen by automatic updates and infinite scrolls.  I feel like my toot perusing is a lot more chilled out and intentional now.


If you don't read Pentadacts blog, you absolutely should. Every article is such a treat, and his latest post is some of his best writing.

While I'm sharing ghost stories...

If you're on a cable modem right now, did you know your downstream internet connection is happening over a video stream?

Yup. Downstream internet on DOCSIS is an MPEG2 transport stream, just like the TV you watch. Which does frame reordering, retransmission, etc etc. TCP in an MPEG2 stream. which itself smells an awful lot like TCP over RF

There was this moment when I went to work for Network Engineering at Time Warner Cable where they handed me the specs and giggled. A few minutes later, there's the sound of sungo yelling "ARE YOU KIDDING ME WITH THIS SHIT? THIS IS A PRANK RIGHT?" It was not a prank.

"The save icon looks like a 3.5" floppy disk with a green cube in the lower right hand corner. For those who don't know what a floppy disk is, it is the standard save icon with a green cube in the lower right hand corner. "

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