Ah, day of hide-in-the-basement coming up i see

Just a reminder that for trans awareness week, the cis memetic suppressors will be offline. Adjust your behaviour accordingly.

The Cowboy Bebop soundtrack has a song labeled "The Egg and I"

In news related to the previous post, I did an art for the first time since ... January?

CW: big eye contact

Sooo it turns out I'm still completely incapable of admitting to myself how bad my depressions are while they're happening.

Making great progress towards interacting more actively with social media; rather than never writing anything I now regularly type out posts – and then delete them without posting

I'm slightly drunk, I'm dysphoric, but at least my nails are painted like circuit boards

Wikileaks, birdsite 

Wikileaks very proudly posted an analysis of the white house insider thing proclaiming that stylometric analysis indicates that the writer is an older conservative white male and I can't even

I'm still pretty happy about how my avatar turned out.
(Hand-drawn elephant run through edges2cats)


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