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Can't wait to see what American romance will look like in 2040 after thirty years of Homestuck turning the best artists of a generation into culturally virulent sluts with varying degrees of Okayer About Hatefucking than any previous generation in western culture

so i had to move to the UK for a job and my attempts to bring The Final Pam here with me have been stalled by the fact that moving a cat to the UK is super fucking expensive

if anyone's in a position to help, i have a ko-fi:

thank u

the mcu is actually a pretty decent argument for superman's no-kill rule because it turns out the only other options are "this superhero enacts state violence" and "this superhero extrajudicially executes people"

tech sites: tumblr is dead! rss is dead! blogging is dead!

me, an active tumblr user who reads rss feeds daily via my dreamwidth blog: they what now

of all the things i was told to prepare for when i moved to england, nobody ever warned me "you will hear an english person say 'amongst us' instead of 'among us' and think about it once a day for the rest of your life"

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It's an urban legend that Oppenheimer said "I am become death, destroyer of worlds" after witnessing the first successful atomic bomb detonation. What he actually said was "wow, this blew up, check out my soundcloud"

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if i see one goddamn shipping gifset with owen wilson in it i'm leveling disneyworld

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daily reminder that:

- you're allowed to express your feelings
- you're allowed to eat aluminum foil
- like, a LOT of aluminum foil
- it's probably not good for you, but you are allowed to do it

update: it is now easier to keep a running tally of Things That Are Not Directly Skandranon Rashkae's Fault

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much like how every friend group has The One Who Can Make Phone Calls, i think every friend group should also have The One Who Doesn't Get Embarrassed Talking About Money

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leaving aside all the double-standards about sex vs violence, "batman doesn't eat pussy" is maybe the funniest arrangement of words in the english language

i'm rereading the entire valdemar series with the intention of keeping a running tally on how much shit is Directly Skandranon Rashkae's Fault

like if there's no money, just say there's no money. don't pretend the pennies you're offering are a fair rate.

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looking at online casting notices like "maybe the reason you can't fill this role is because you're offering 2.5% of the standard non-union rate for voiceover"

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If Mass Effect 2 had the Saints Row 3 character creator it would be the perfect game

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what should i call my wifi network

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