red green's ethos that "if the women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy" proposes a model of masculinity that prioritizes putting oneself at the service of others, an almost perfect antithesis to modern western culture's toxic ideals of manhood. in this essay i will

@inferiorwit Red Green has its flaws but I love it for its "Middle-aged white men poking fun at white masculinity cult" thing.

@inferiorwit (Wait to what extent is this an invitation for discussion because I think I disagree with this strongly and would like-to-try/benefit-from-I-think developing my thoughts in response/conversation to this,
but not if,
you're not in the slightest interested or stuff.)

@inferiorwit I'm sorry, I need to take off marks on this joke due to the lack of a Curiosity Stream sponsorship.

@Zaeri there's some things even i won't do for the bit

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