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career goals: forest-witch who lives in a hole and curses people for money

to this day i am still salty that they got rid of nightwing's finger stripes

when marketers say "fun for the whole family," the silent second half of that slogan is usually "except mom, of course. mom can go fuck herself."

lab tech: "You didn't need to fast for this test."

me: "I didn't, I just look this terrible all the time."

when i was younger i had this running gag where i yelled "COCKS" whenever someone near me was on the phone

on the one hand i'm glad i'm not that annoying anymore but on the other hand it was really funny

my whole life is basically that kids in the hall sketch about the medical condition that makes you sound sarcastic all the time

every time i see the word "grubhub" my brain goes "github" and that's just one of the many reasons i'm confused all the time about everything

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broke: angry lesbian
woke: sapph ire

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the four elements of posting:

1. homosexuality
2. communism
3. bad
4. computer

i've had some harrowing experiences in my life but tonight i had to decide whether to open the pressure cooker despite being unsure it was safe to do so and that tops them all

remember kids, don't wait til you're off the clock to have that anxiety attack. you panic on company time. don't let capitalism win.

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every time i read an article that treats being nonbinary as "woman-lite" rather than a distinct identity, i scroll up to the byline and it turns out laurie penny wrote it

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If you say "wow, remember THIS?! I feel so old" and it's something only as far back as when I was in high school, I get to shoot you out of a cannon

i'm really excited about these little boxes of chicken stock i found at the store, somebody please talk to me about these little boxes of chicken stock i found at the store

there's too much fucking television and most of it is frankly terrible

today i spotted someone who had the hair and aesthetic of cira from , but with the addition of a soul patch

they are the coolest person i will ever see in my life

miss congeniality is a very gay movie and it is a goddamn CRIME that they shoehorned a heterosexual romance in

are there any prominent game show podcasts out there? not podcasts about game shows, but podcasts that are game shows?

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