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career goals: forest-witch who lives in a hole and curses people for money

god is the guy from let's game it out and i am but a simple giraffe

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@inferiorwit I mean, we're all partway through a long journey defined by isolation within a bubble where we all feel tossed this way and that

i don't know what the sudden popularity of sea shanties says about where our culture is at right now but i'm sure it says something

i have like 4 packets of Arby's sauce lying around, do i dump it into tonight's batch of beef jerky marinade

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turbo dog collar. $14.99. makes your dog faster. This collar will increase your dog. warning: may increase your dog

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bruce springsteen tearful ballad about how the dick sucking factory shut down and the town is dying

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wtb an xkit extension that just automatically hides all Tumblr posts that are just screenshots from other social media platforms

"You have the sworn fealty of the rickshaw drivers' union. Hop aboard!"

"I look like Pajama Sam, just without the pajamas."

"How many points of damage did you hit me for? I was busy RPing."

"You want to break it?"
"No, I just want to assess its breakability."

"Can you try it in Firefox?"
"I don't have Firefox."
"That's easily solvable."
"But I don't wanna!"
"Fine. Can you try it in Edge?"
"... I'll download Firefox."

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the music from TRANSFORMERS had no right to be as good as it did given the movie it was from tbh

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cyber monday was originally a pagan festival that got appropriated by the christians

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since there is no hulu in canada i’ve made the executive decision not to have any opinion on happiest season whatsoever

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called academy sports again to ask if underarmour or whoever has invented athletic fetish gear for track enthusiasts yet. they told me they're gonna hunt me down and crush my cell phone under the manager's hummer if i ask them one more time about running gags

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Countdown until someone gets elected to US Congress on the basis of their strong Spanish Dub Destiel Truther platform.

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