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career goals: forest-witch who lives in a hole and curses people for money

the final pam has taken to leaving her empty food ball right outside my bedroom door, which is an astonishing level of passive-aggression for a housecat

there are a lot more visibly queer people living in my new apartment building, which has its upsides and downsides

one upside is that i feel a real sense of community with my neighbors

one downside is that i had to listen to a gaggle of twinks sing along to disney movies for 4 hours last night

late capitalist social media is such a hellscape that whenever i see someone gush at length about how much they're looking forward to a video game or whatever, i can only assume they're being paid by the post

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the ancient crystal was simply too powerful for one man so it was broken into 5 parts and scattered across the lands. Should you bring all 5 pieces together it will grant you the power to finally make me fuck off

of all the recent developments in parenting technique, my least favorite is that one where you play annoying videos for your child in public on a phone set to maximum fucking volume

i see the internet is horny for ganondorf. again.

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half of game dev: coming up with beautiful stories and interlocking systems that would make an angel weep to see them
the other half of game dev: the reason the guard couldn't see anything was because his eyes were being blocked by his eyes

fuck what the enterprise crew thought, data's cat poem was dope

"I would've taken a selfie from the floor but I guess I'm unconscious."

"I spent this level-up becoming really good at stabbing."

goddamnit i need to buy a hat stand

where do you even buy a hat stand these days

am i a huge insufferable nerd for calling my freelancer list the "global frequency"?

probably, don't care

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Walking along the beach I spy a beautiful shell lying in the sand, I pick it up, put it to my ear and am instantly deafened by the sound of an airhorn

looks like they're not getting mark mothersbaugh to score wonder woman 1984 which is, as far as i'm concerned, the biggest mistake in cinema history

my mom is trying to find an avon rep so she can buy a specific brand of bath oil

because it makes for great mosquito repellent

i don't know why i love this so much but by golly do i love it

i'm not prepared for a world where dragon age discourse isn't quarantined to tumblr

wait a fucking minute, isn't a magic the gathering anime basically just yugioh

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