reminder that it's okay to boost what I post! I think I had someone unboost something I posted because I didn't say it was okay.

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if anyone wants to talk mental health and kink hit me up.

we (society) should talk about mental health + kink more often.

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have you ever noticed how all of those "minors not allowed" accounts tend to infantilize ppl they disagree with...

I wonder if it might have something to do with them being "minors not allowed"

tfw you haven't seen someone in days and it starts to get a little concerning.

maybe they're just having fun tho. I hope.

but ugh.

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tfw you look at someone's profile and it's 99% boosts, immediately remembering why you hide their boosts from your home feed.

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with porn bots unmuted: is nothing but the bots
with porn bots muted: is nothing but document creation


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