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ok real poll since people are asking

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should the spiders and I start a podcast on star trek: the next generation from a leftist perspective

argh is nice for smaller binaries because it doesn't use clap, but using its derive macro is perhaps the most unergonomic thing in rust

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tempted to create some unholy merged fork of structopt and argh

oh that lovely, exciting feeling when your code does exactly what you wanted the first time

seems like the cybre timeline is 15-25m behind

me: [has 2560x1440 monitor and always maximizes application windows]
discord: [messages on left, buttons for messages on right]

how do I learn how to make mostly-useful MARC entries without getting a master's degree in library science

@iliana a million years into the future, aboard a starship whose name isn't readily expressible in 2020's UTF-8, the shipboard computer makes a strange buzz, and draws a message at the top of the intangible display matrix:
🗺️​ Maps
✍️​ How was The Tarantula Nebula?
Help others know what to expect

the spiders are currently attempting to add [looks at clipboard] a nebula that is ~160,000 light years away to google maps

@iliana I am hoping to one day be entitled “software therapist”

how do you turn "person who solves problems by talking to people" into a job title

quine utterances, car accidents (hypothetical) 

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