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ok I’m admitting bankruptcy on mailing stickers.

let me know if you’re interested in the mailing part? I guess?

I got 20 lines into my bespoke static site generator and already decided it needs unsafe {}

got a microSD card in the mail

it has an SD adapter

quine opens it, and puts the microSD card in the adapter

it won't come out

I end up tearing apart the adapter with pliers to recover the card

between me going home at 2pm and now the most outrageously hilarious things have occurred on my team and I am cry-laughing

I'm glad the cargo space of SUVs is measured in cubic feet so I know exactly how much sand I can transport next time I rent a car

I need some keyboard macros for "SPDX-License-Identifier:" and "Apache-2.0 OR MIT" at this rate

quine gets great joy out of trying to get me to florp my own pings

it is a great injustice that I do not have cat ears

with the goal of compiling quickly. so no serde_derive. :)

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I think I might write a purpose-built static site generator in rust.

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