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this YSP has been replaced with writing a wrapper script around neofetch

current yak stack pointer: forking neofetch from the commit before it removes the imgcat backend and cherry-picking commits on top of it

strangely, thunderbolt disks don't show up in the nautilus sidebar...

I find that "use anaconda for the minimal install and install the rest by hand" is sufficient for my linux hacker fixing-broken-shit thrill-seeking needs and, if I do this often enough, I won't feel the need to switch to gentoo

there’s a really neat integration I discovered, before I started from a minimal install and worked my way up, where PackageKit will tell you that software can provide the glyphs you aren’t seeing and I should figure out how that works under the hood

other than fonts, I’m basically done with setup. a few web applications aren’t using the right default sans-serif font (and maybe that’s my fault for not having it installed when I first launched firefox), and gnome-terminal is showing tofu where katakana should be

good morning!

time to get my Setup set up on drifblim and then use it to write a blog post about how I installed fedora on it

this thing isn't even breaking a sweat playing factorio.

damn this thing has a nice fan

it's not terribly loud or obnoxious, and I left stress running for 5 minutes with no thermal throttling reported in dmesg

I think most of the hacks (as I expected) in the mbp-fedora repo are for the, well, macbook pro

now running `stress -c 6 -i 2` to see if applesmc not working is anything to be worried about from a thermal perspective

but fans seem to come up fine!

holy shit my anaconda patch worked as expected

love that the fedora 31 minimal install pulls in a fucking icon theme now

[angry linux catgirl noises]

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