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an important reminder!

gender fluid is highly corrosive! ensure you are wearing skin and eye protection when handling.

I can pretend to be a perfectly normal human until someone starts skritching me

actually no I'm not going to bother because I don't think it'll fix the old yahoo weather API being dead

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hello. I'm going to attempt to breathe new life into my mom's iphone 4 (first released in 2010) by loading a custom profile with trusted CA certificates that don't exist in the june 2014 apple trust store

pokémon swsh 

strong appreciation to the NPC that brings a magikarp to max raid battles

the solipsistic public license is basically ISC plus "you are not permitted to believe the author exists" and replacing the required attribution notice with the most opposite

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#novembeat creation #10!!!!!!! title is "spooky vampire boss battle" ^,,^

we are sadly all out of november, so my novembeat creations are coming to a close. sometime in the next few days i'll have an EP of all my novembeat songs up at

i had such a fun time doing novembeat!! i learned a lot and feel like i really improved in musical skill!! i appreciate everyone who's been supportive of my creations as well; yall mean the world to me 💛🌟

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my gender is cat ears and large boobs. nothing else matters

my rental car told me I got a new high MPG score of 46

oh wait I might have a thing for this at home to plug into a USB C adapter 👀

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I want a little USB C dongle that just plays an input loop at the touch of a button so I don’t have to release these 70 eevees manually

well what’s left of the finals. most folks are heading out :(

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