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boosts are my own, favs do not imply my own, posts are the sole opinion of amazon dot com llc

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toots are my own, boosts do not imply endorsement, favs do not imply I'm crushing

helped get @spiders set up to record their nocoast and I’m just 👀

quine utterances 

untimely shitpost 

it's still weird nearly being eye-level with the space needle

random strangers lowercasing my name makes me smile :)

Subject: Timeoff Submitted by iliana destroyer of worlds

if you know somebody who works at twitter please ask if they'll get in contact with me?

yes I know where I'm posting this

my plan is to send posts but with the direct message visibility level and then try to delete them (but not fail the test if they don’t)

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need to figure out how to write a useful integration test for newbot and get it to autodeploy changes

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