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pinafore seems to work as a proper PWA in iOS 13 now so I’ve dragged it into the place I used to have amaroq

let’s see how it goes!

me, writing an outage email in my head: “if you have a desire to not have your uptime zeroed this weekend please let me know although we may not be able to accommodate your request”

this sign has been at the company longer than most of the people on my team, and yet

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someone who has 12 years tenure at this company: hi is there a simple mapping from docker image manifests to linux distribution version
me: you are in for a world of pain my friend

lmao I just got a fake domain expiration reminder for one I let go a few years back

meeting went well, I think I still have jitters lol

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about to meet with an SVP looks (daily bathroom selfie, eye contact)

when you realize you can browse the web from your terminal 

laughed at loud at my own damn link’s awakening video

nintendo switch 🖼️ 

stop asking for small town gay bars and start creating queer community spaces that aren't dark loud and drunk thanks

I'm sure that cogent emailing me a screenshot of wobscale's page in order to compete with is exactly what had in mind when they built that service

having a discussion at work that is making me realize I should write SSBU mains alongside names on my polycule graph

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