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these windows are uncomfortably wide for being on the 35th floor though >_>

being able to open a window in a conference room is so good

⠀ ⠀ ⠀ 🤠
🔥​ 🔥​ 🔥​
👇 🔥​🔥​ 👇
  🔥​ 🔥​
  🔥​  🔥​
  👢 👢

howdy. i'm the sheriff of production deploys

which is difficult because it takes like 20 minutes for a cloudfront distribution to even be created

I need to get to work and get some coffee and set up some production infrastructure in like 20 minutes


I wish favs on boosts went to the booster sometimes

the 👀 reaction emoji on github is still the best thing

some of y'all were heckin' cuties while I was in the rust hole

really I just want to buy the ones amtrak use. surely they have a surplus sales something or other

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