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alc, poll options behind cw 

my manager said I need to help raise the bar on our team's commit messages and I think I'm going to provide an infinite increase in emoji use

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if you commit an octopus merge in git and don't use "🐙" as the commit message it's entrapment

sext: i octopus merge the inter-dependent feature branches

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date idea: we monitor the burndown chart and provide project estimates as t-shirt sizes

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passé: determining your connection with your partner based on the zodiac
trendsetting: determining your connection with your partner based on the hard drive manufacturers you've had the best luck with

listening to pokémon ruby route music 🎺🎺🎺

re: maybe kink??? 

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maybe kink??? 

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date idea: we set up the new wobscale router on top of netbsd

y'know, I never looked at how the heat exchanger works in here

it's got a water in pipe, which currently is 75.4° F, and a water out pipe, which is 99.1° F

the discussion with the spiders is devolving quickly

"if an amtrak sandwich wore pants, would it look ..."

the answer: it depends on where you stand in this facility

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who would win? 🔊 😣

one data center grade AC unit
- or -
hundreds of 15k RPM SAS drives

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