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colleen got her harmonica out and is playing it which means she lost her iliana thinking about getting her an otamatone privileges indefinitely

the reviews are in folks

:colleen: 💬 "this is the best toot"

flipping out at the fact that I just set my GNOME theme to adwaita dark and twitter dot com is now in dark mode

markov 🤖 

like I know she likes hot food but she made the kitchen air too spicy for me

My Girlfriend Accidentally Made Tear Gas on the Stove and Other Short Stories

quine utterances, conspiracy theory adj 

markov 🤖 

markov 🤖 

Official Girlfriend Business
Penalty for non-gay use $300

computer: [repeatedly scanning for btrfs devices]
liffy: it just can't believe that it's not butter-fs

liffy utterances 

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