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"would it be extremely gay to have a cork board for hanging up gay stuff"

before I even think about reinstalling my OS I need to do backups, which... woooo

I reposted that because lol I typed my own domain wrong?

huh, cmus is no longer actively maintained

but honestly, they released 2.8.0 a couple of weeks ago, and I could interpret it as being "done" at this point

is a recording of quine saying "it's art" every three seconds art

transfer: 9.13 GiB received, 56.83 GiB sent

wireguard-to-the-home is working quite well

“oasis will be the first against the wonderwall if you catch my drift”

:iliana: 💬 why are you singing the only song by imagine dragons that anybody remembers?
:colleen: 💬 there’s others!
:iliana: 💬
:colleen: 💬 I don’t remember them though

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:iliana: 💬 how much of “boulevard of broken dreams” do you have memorized
:colleen: 💬 [sings the first two verses flawlessly, then makes the rest up]

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