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@silby in this case it's "direly misguided security organization"

the only way I stay sane at work is knowing exactly which people to forward obnoxious shit to, so I can perform targeted escalations to other people who accept zero bullshit

ah shit the blaseball commissioner quote tweeted me

popular tabletop game “what’sits and whereabouts”

near utterances 

catgirls of the corn

holy shit the scott pilgrim game ain't dead?!

I like having a job where I get paid sometimes to have really bad ideas

Praise to the upstream adjacencies
Curses to the downstream adjacencies
Welcome to the Wobscale Router

alc mention 

spiders shook up a jar of iced tea and now it looks like beer with foam??

it's like a "blockchain" but! the chain is just some chain i picked up at Ace Hardware! and the block is just a chunk of 4x4!


@monorail like honestly I keep thinking about the small jokes I slipped in there

I think I'm really good at writing non-serious procedural crap

dating shitpost 

@callie Might fuck around and see if anyone responds to the text from the Blåhaj soft toy shark description:

"Big and safe to have at your side if you want to discover the world underneath the sea. Can swim very far, dive really deep and hear your heart beating from far away."

dating shitpost 

can I put personal ads in the ikea catalog


@monorail is there a resource that shows the best batters in each day of the rotation? PDP is obviously best for first position, alex trololol in second position, but wondering about 3 4 and 5

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