me: pedestrian-actuated conspicuity enhancements

stop and shop workers are on strike, which is good but it also means they aren't getting paid.

y'all should consider donating to their strike fund. help some fellow workers out!

(please boost!)

(hopthru is the application that I get my monthly monorail passes through and my account is *so old* that they have to add a phone number to my account because they got rid of email logins months ago)

officially changing my wobscale job title to Benevolent On-Call For Life

a lesbian couple walked up to us in seattle center to ask if we had weed

have you ever noticed that nobody who says “I’m a professional” is about to do something professional

oh no there’s another transportation nerd on this train

where I am setting up a brand new replacement phone ^_^

still boggles my fucking mind that the nendy swontch doesn't support bluetooth audio still

@iliana "heather flowers has released a new cruel joke on centrists" is still probably the best email i've gotten

the best thing about is you can put in whatever noun you want for your thing

I'm really glad fastmail's email previews use the text/plain part because I can see what emails from just have the content "hi"

bad idea: making the chromebox I want to set up for my parents domain-managed so I can fix things for them remotely

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