every time I try to use nixos for something I always learn something new and I always regret it

I want to build something that builds me appliance OS images for my raspberry pis, like this

it's going to be a nightmare

and you bet your ass I'm going to turn this into a blog post if I get it working

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nixos has a lot of nice concepts but I *absolutely detest* its complete lack of documentation to newcomers. I've had to learn every fucking little thing by the little intuition I'm allowed to have with a completely new system

this blog post is yet another in the long line of "cool, but how": grahamc.com/blog/erase-your-da

@astrid if you want full vim, you have to install vim-enhanced

@hazel to be more specific, it ships a minimal vi binary from the vim distribution as the default editor

fedora minimal ships sssd, firewalld, and the entire anaconda library set, but not vim

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what in the fuck is the fedora "minimal" aarch64 image doing running anaconda at first boot

ugh I missed a message from a friend in IRC and am missing an SMA coupler for this setup

@galaxgal yep.

typing this out made me realize the way the rich get a 0 tax bill is by donating stock and assets, not cash. sigh

@galaxgal for most people, no

the way you have a zero tax-bill is by donating enough to 501(c)3s to completely offset your adjusted taxable income for the year, which likely means that your "income" is generally coming from net worth you haven't sold

for normal folks, you have to offset your income by more than the standard deduction for it to even have an effect, because if you want to deduct donations, you forgo the standard deduction

witchin' kitchen, food, cursed 

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witchin' kitchen, food, cursed 

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witchin' kitchen, food, cursed 

quine utterances 

fuck it. im listening to discovery for the first time in a couple of years so this is gonna be a thread where i rate just the kicks on every song

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