kinky shitpost 

okay but actually let's talk about this other image in cloudflare's EPYC blog post

this is one of the biggest internet companies on the planet

this image — a BIOS screen with all the box drawing characters likely corrupted by IPMI — is *normal*

*why* is this normal to us

so do I write "is a Linux Witch on the Amazon Linux team" or "is *the* Linux Witch"


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food, body ~ 

re: gender weapon 

quine: when I was writing sometimes letters would come out but they wouldn’t be the right letters
me: did you forget to change your hand from QWERTY to DVORAK

Not a lot of use for announcements on a single user instance, so I just left myself a message in the form of an announcement in case I forget once in a while.

@NireBryce yeah but I also don’t want to inadvertently sexually harass someone who works in food service at my building

to be fair they are pretty clearly queer and use they/them pronouns soooo

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