@silby at least alaska doesn't have direct flights to either of those

kona sent the bag back to seattle and hopefully it'll show up on the same flight today that I took yesterday

what good is amazon if they can't bring me a vibrator within one hour

no word from alaska airlines, delivery person handed my burrito to a random person and fucked off, and hotel staff is repeatedly misgendering me

this means that my vibrator will have been to hawaii before I have 🤔

so now I need to figure out where in the land of BART I can buy cute plus size clothes for the performance I’m going to tomorrow

but first a nap

two girls at an airport sitting next to each other wearing noise cancelling headphones and flirting over text because 1) they’re gay and 2) airports are extremely a lot

you’d think AWS uses the cloud but when you think about it all of our servers are on-prem 🤔

@VyrCossont “one of six people who has a status set” that is. forgot a few words

@VyrCossont I realized statuses show up on team pages when I was doing some work admin stuff yesterday and I laughed so hard

I’m like one of six people in the entire AWS github org and my status is “🏳️‍🌈 extremely gay”

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