incoming switch media: quine’s swsh league card

quine utterances, pokémon swsh 

quine utterances 


quine leaning over me lying in bed: “let’s go catch ‘em all 😏”

saving quine from themselves: the iliana story

quine utterances 

programming snark, white guys do not fucking interact 

coworker, looking at my name: "how'd you get that last name?"
me: "same way I got my first name"

@iliana my code's too hot to be contained in mere permafrost

complaining about nobody important 

@Sylvhem yeah like I *get* it but it just seems ridiculous compared to maybe the specifications required to run the code going in there :)

I have 14 entries on my personal top 10 games of 2010-2019 list

it's ok to interact with me, just don't interact with the underlying tweet thanks

screenshot of tweet, ***do not interact*** 

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