the most important wisdom I can give any programmer is to remember that sometimes using google sheets is easier than what you're about to embark on

today in :

> the trait `serde::Serialize` is not implemented for `serde::Serialize`

I wrote a crate for helping you gracefully end a tokio-based application upon receiving a signal

so I have safeword written but I still need to write the example before I publish it imo

writing a Future that is a state machine... if this works I'm gonna post about it some more

not sure what the other four stages of grief are but I know one of them is borrowck

I learned last night that include_str!(file!()) doesn't work :(

include_str! is relative to the current file but file! is relative to the root of the project (when using cargo, at least)

hello, my name is iliana. I am extremely powerful

my job title at work is “Linux Witch”

I run what is basically an ISP (but is not an ISP for legal purposes) as a hobby

I like programming in

please present your statements of corroboration below, thank you


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